Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moving Cities/Stadiums

I'm putting this up for a world discussion. One of our rules has been to not allow owners to move cities/stadiums once they are in the world. The reasons for this were they don't do that in the real world, we wanted to avoid owners playing hop a skotch with their teams every couple seasons to tailor to their personnel, and we didn't want the player cards to look ridiculous (ie - players playing for only one or two teams throughout their careers, but it looking like they played for a bunch).

We've had several owners over the last 11 seasons ask to move and its always been declined. The competition committee has discussed this issue and we want to further the debate to the entire world.

What does everyone think about adding this to the moving cities rules...

- Once an owner has completed 10 straight seasons in a city, they are eligible to move cities. This can only be done once every ten seasons.
- Owners wishing to move must apply to the competition committee.
- Max of 2 moves per season
- Penalty fee assessed of 5 million (could be construed as building a new stadium in the new city) This would take affect by the owner signing a career minor leaguer to a one season, 5 million dollar contract.

All of the stipulations are up for discussion. If there is a huge backlash by the world, then we'll shut this idea down.

The reasoning behind having to wait for ten seasons is that at that point, an owner has shown great loyalty to this world and if they are increasingly frustrated by losing in a city then we should at least discuss this idea.

Please send me a trade chat or sitemail or we can discuss on the world chat. I didn't want to wait til after the World Series as there may be an owner or two that wants to take advantage of this rule.


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