Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rule Change

First let me say that a lot of thought was put into this decision. There were many conversations with the committee and then with the rest of the world. I really appreciate everyone who let me know their thoughts. The final result was only 2 people were against teams never being allowed to change cities and I completely understand where they are coming from. There was a groundswell of support for there to be very limited opportunities for an owner to switch a city, but for there to be an increased penalty and limiting it to one move per season. Also there has to be a legitimate reason to wanting to move.

The bottom line is that we DO NOT want people switching cities. In a perfect world, this rule will not have to be used ever except when we need a new owner. When owners stay in their cities it promotes rivalries (I hate just wouldn't be the same if next season they were in Baltimore and then 3 seasons later in New York, etc) and it is also much better for the "player cards" and history of the world. However, the rule below will provide us with flexibility when needed. Below is the revised rule.

Rule #10 has been changed to this:

"Teams may change their city/stadiums under two circumstances. One, after a current owner (season 11 or prior) has completed 10 seasons as an NCAA member in their current city. Two, a new owner to the world can switch to a new city as long as that city has not changed in the last 5 seasons. Teams wishing to switch must apply for approval and there must be a legitimate reason to switch. Moving forward, a stadium switch is only allowed once per owner whether its a veteran owner moving or a new owner coming in and only one veteran move allowed per season. An owner that petitions the committee to move must wait one full season before the move can be made. The "penalty" which is to be looked at as a "new stadium fee" is 10 million in minor league contracts the first season and 5 million the second season which will mimic the cost involved in building a new stadium. Only owners that have shown great loyalty to NCAA and are willing to fully commit many more seasons will be considered. The competition committee reserves the right to deny a city/stadium switch for any reason."

Example: In the middle of Season 12 I petition the committee to move to Baltimore. The move is approved. At the beginning of season 13, I sign a low level minor league FA to a one season, 10 million dollar deal. I move my team at rollover of season 14 and then sign another low level minor league FA to a one season, 5 million dollar deal. I can never petition the committee to move again and am willing to commit long term to NCAA.

Arte will be staying in Chicago and moving from Wrigley to Cellular Field while keeping the Blue Demons name. Arte will sign a player for this season at 10 mil and next season at 5 mil to make good on the rule change. Arte's reasoning behind the move is that he has spent the last 11 seasons losing in Wrigley and needed a change. It got to the point where Arte was ready to give up the team in which case a new owner quite possibly would have changed the city anyway. This is Arte's one relocation and has committed long term to NCAA.

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