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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Waiver Wire

Hick Wilson
Huntington Thundering Herd

Hick is on the waiver wire currently. He was promoted to the majors this season. He pitched in relief and got his first career win. The highlight reel stops at his first win.

Hitters in the NL have hoped to get to Huntington's bullpen so they could face Hick. He has a 6.20 ERA with a 1.52 WHIP in 24.2 innings. He hasn't been afraid to throw the ball over the plate as shown by the 4 long balls he has given up. The ease with which he has given up walks has definitely hurt him.

If you are looking for a mopup pitcher, you might want to select Hick off the waiver wires. Otherwise, a trip back to AAA looks to be in his future.
A Look Back at the Rule 5 Draft

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Peter was selected by Texas Tech with the number one pick of the Rule 5 draft from Oakland. When asked about leaving Peter off their 40 man roster, the Oakland GM said, "We sent in the paperwork to add Peter Feng to our 40 man roster. We didn't want to lose someone of his caliber. Somehow the league says they didn't get the paperwork in time to process our request." 

Peter has done an excellent job mainly roaming CF in Texas Tech while sometimes filling in at 2B. He is batting .287 on the year with 18 HR and an OPS of .833 while playing 110 games. Peter has held his own in CF with 8 plus plays and only 2 errors on the season.  Of his 110 games played, he has started 97 of them in CF. 

"When I received the call from the GM of Texas Tech, mongoose, I was as happy as can be.", said Peter. He continued, "I knew I had finally made it! I had been waiting for my opportunity to show that I belonged in the big leagues. Oakland was a nice organization, but I am happy to be playing in Texas Tech. I hope to bring a championship to Texas."
Down on the Farm...

Pepe Zurbaran
Texas Tech Red Raiders

Score - 48
Hitting - 55
Power - 70
Plate Discipline - 45
Running - 20
Fielding - 45
Range - 10
Arm Strength - 55
Arm Accuracy - 55

Pepe has plus power along with a decent contact skill. He doesn't walk enough. His play calling skills behind the plate are lacking. He could be a backup catcher in a pinch, but he looks to be a DH. Texas may try to trade him to an AL team where he would have greater worth. If he could remain as a catcher, he would have All Star potential. Due to his pitch calling and receiving skills lacking, his ceiling will be as a DH in the AL with his floor being a bench player and backup catcher.
Down on the Farm...

Gregg Wells
Portland Ducks

Score - 59
Hitting - 45
Power - 60
Plate Discipline - 45
Running - 75
Fielding - 65
Range - 65
Arm Strength - 50
Arm Accuracy - 45

Gregg was drafted as a CF but has been moved to 2B which appears to be where he will stick. He has plus plus speed with good base running IQ. He should steal 40+ bases a year. Combine that with his plus power, and Gregg should be in the majors next season. When he makes contact, the ball will go a long way. His hitting skills outside of the long ball are suspect. He has played in a career high 100 games this season which diminishes his overall value as a player. He has the ceiling of a starting 2B in the majors with a bench role as his floor.
Down on the Farm...

Luis Morlan
New Orleans Bayou Bengals

Score - 57
Hitting - 55
Power - 50
Plate Discipline - 55
Running - 70
Fielding - 55
Range - 60
Arm Strength - 50
Arm Accuracy - 45

Luis belongs in LF with his glove. With his power, he should hit 15 to 20 HRs per season in the majors. He is much better against LH pitchers. His plus speed is his best skill. If he could stick at 2B, he would be a more valuable player. If he is moved to LF as expected, his value will drop some. He has the ceiling of a starting LF with a bench spot as his floor. Don't be surprised to see Luis in New Orleans next season.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Down on the Farm...

Al Brandt
Cincinnati Bearcats

Score - 48
Hitting - 65
Power - 80
Plate Discipline - 55
Running - 0
Fielding - 40
Range - 45
Arm Strength - 45
Arm Accuracy - 40

Al has plus plus power to go along with good contact and a decent eye. He should easily hit 40+ homers a year in the majors. Don't let his overall score fool you. He will be a force for Cincinnati. He may be more suited as a DH than a 1B. Al's biggest problem will be finding a place to play in Cincinnati since they already have an everyday Dh and 1B. Cincinnati may look to trade him for some help elsewhere.
Down on the Farm...

George Priddy
Louisville Cardinals

Score - 56
Fastball Velocity - 40
Fastball Movement - 65
Control - 65
Command - 55

George like several others in his draft class has decent movement on his fastball but lacks the velocity to make it a plus pitch. His fastball will remind you of a Bronson Arroyo fastball with him topping out at 89 MPH with good movement. Like Arroyo, Priddy will have a hard time keeping the ball in the park at Louisville. George should be in the majors next year with a ceiling of a #5 starter and the floor of a long relief guy.