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Friday, March 14, 2014

Season 24 - Amateur Draft - First Round Review

1 - Kansas City Wildcats - Al Corino

I looooooooooooooooooove Corino, but thats also coming from the guy who had to face Seay for approx 20 seasons.  As long as he doesn't get hurt, he is a future hall of famer.

llcc - The KC Wildcats took Al Corino as the number one overall pick in this year’s draft. He is going to play first base. He is one of very few players that have ever had quad 90 projections for his hitting abilities, Contact 93, Power 100, VS LHP 98, and VS RHP 94. 

2 - Nashville Commodores - Jack Hurst

Hurst is another fantastic hitter.  He should anchor the Commodores lineup for many seasons.  His speed is nothing to sneeze at as well so he won't be clogging up the basepaths.

cctigerfan - Jack Hurst should develop into an every day RF for Nashville. He has excellent power with good splits, contact and eye, A solid pick at number 2 overall,

3 - Fargo Bison - Robb Kelly

The top pitcher in the draft goes #3.  I see him as a true top of the rotation pitcher with a fantasstic #1 pitch and very good splits.  Nothing wrong with the top 3 picks so far.

bigsammich - The scouts in Fargo saw Robb Kelly as being the best starting pitcher in the draft. The hard throwing right hander already has ML quality pitches, but will need to develop his control and effectiveness vs R/L batters to really blossom into the dominate arm the Bison need in the future. 

My gut tells me Callaway will end up being a bust as a top 5 selection primarily because his control is so weak.  His other ratings are solid, but if he can't find the plate, there will always be issues.

5 - Kansas City Wildcats (type D from last season) - Ralph Martin

I don't love this pick either.  he looks like a solid corner outfielder, but those aren't too hard to find nowadays.

llcc - My second first round pick at number five is Ralph Martin. He is projected to play right field. Martin is going to be a power hitter that can steal a few bases but his health could be an issue.

We are on a run of corner outfielders!  he is the most polished hitter in the draft and one could argue could do some damage at the ML level right now.  He probably should be playing at a higher minor league level, but looks like the Red Raiders are bringing him along slowly.  Solid prospect, but again, seems a little high.

mongoose_22 - After four seasons of stellar play at the collegiate level, Del Todd proved he was ready for the next level. He was probably the most polished player in the class, and could very likely be the first player from his class to make it to the big leagues. A lefty with above average contact and power combined with an excellent batting eye and speed makes Todd an ideal #1 or #2 hitter. He should develop into a solid defensive RF or, at worse, a very good defensive 1B. The Red Raiders were very happy to land Todd at #6. Our scouts project him to be a very good every day starter, with the potential to be an All Star.

I really like this pick and think he could have gone several spots higher.  Really nice SP prospect.  His combination of control, splits, and two excellent pitches should serve him really well in Seattle.

8 - Huntington Thundering Herd - Carter Lawson

Another solid SP prospect, although health could be an issue.  There are already bets being made to see if Lawson ever makes it to Huntington or is shipped off by the most trade happy owner in NCAA.

hurricane384 - Not the guy I was hoping for, but a pick I was more than happy with. He's not quite an ace, but should definitely be a good SP in the rotation...or trade bait.

9 - Detroit Wolverines - Jaime North

Really nice hitting prospect who is definitely overqualified for Rookie Ball right now.  His vR looks a little iffy, but the rest of his ratings show him to be a very good hitter.

tk21775 - Continuing the trend with offense, the Wolverines took Jaime North with the ninth overall pick. We liked his bat, his vR hopefully will reach it's projection but he'll make for a nice 1B bat for the future or to package with some other prospects for that young SP we can't seem to find.

10 - Chicago Blue Demons - Mo Pierce

I'd like this pick a lot more if he had 5-10 more rating points in STA.  As he looks now, he is a super reliever.  Nothing wrong with that, but his pitching ratings don't look quite good enough to be a shut down reliever.

11 - Portland Ducks - Donnie Taylor

It will be interesting to see if Taylor develops enough to be a SS which is doubtful.  He looks more like a 3B.  Nothing wrong with that as its not easy finding a solid hitting, great fielding 3B.  He demanded a huge amount of cash to sign, almost $8 mil so hopefully he works out!

12 - Helena Grizzlies (type D from last season) - Mandy Menechino

I see Menechino in a slightly more favorable light than owner drichar.  I think if all things go well he could be a solid #3 as opposed to a back of the rotation guy.  Solid ratings across the board.

drichar138 - Menechino projects to be a back of the rotation starting pitcher at the major league level. He has great control and is very good at inducing ground balls, but his splits and pitches are average at best. 

Once again I like French a bit more than the drafting owner does...I am sure drichar is hoping my take turns out versus what he projects.  French is the top true reliever to be taken so far.  His righty split is huge and will be a huge benefit to helping the Grizzlies bullpen.

drichar138 - French is a "righties specialist" if there was such a thing. He destroys right handed pitching and has a great combination of control, velocity and groundball inducing stuff. He struggles a bit vs left handed hitters and his second pitch is suspect.

I will absolutely love this pick if he develops just enough to play a legit CFer.  If he doesn'tand is stuck as a COF, then the pick isn't as exciting.  If he does, then he is a steal.

15 - Memphis Tigers - Jacob Little

Little is the second true reliever chosen.  He looks like a solid, if not spectacular, reliever.  Maybe slightly more of a setup B than setup A.

mh17 - We are happy to get Little with the 15th pick, good splits, pretty good command of his pitches, and can locate them decent. Should he reach his potential, he could work late innings and pick a few saves here and there.

16 - Buffalo Bulls - Charlie Stuart

Don't love the pick because he is so far away from being a good defensive CFer and since he is left handed, he will be stuck as a corner OFer and doesn't really have a good enough bat to lock up a starting position.

Its doubtful Hubbard will progress enough to play even average defensively at 3B so he probably is another COF with a solid bat.  This draft is turning into "The draft of the corner outfielders."

The future for Bailey all comes down to his splits.  His control and pitches look solid enough to be a decent SP, but he needs to make some big strides in getting his splits up there as well.  If not, then he is a long reliever/spot starter type.

allright - The Bearcats went for pitching in the first round. The 18 yr. old drafted is a project that the 'Cats promise to enjoy. The sinkerballer is a sure fit for the ballpark in Cincy.. He does not project to be a #1 or #2, and may not even be a #3; but, he should get to the bigs as a back of the rotation starter. He will have to show steady control improvement to offset stamina concerns. All in all, a decent pick from the 'Cats position in the draft. Coulda done better, coulda done worse.

19 - Boise Broncos -

I wish his righty and lefty split were flip flopped and I could get on board more easily.  Right now looks like a lefty platoon and utlity player with some unique talents.
abesmem - Boise is very happy grabbing David Castro with the 19th pick. Castro has great speed and range for a second baseman and has the durability to be an everyday player. It remains to be seen if he can develop into a solid leadoff hitter as his splits against righties are a bit weak, but he brings superior contact skills with him and the best batting eye I’ve seen in quite a while. If his batting eye can compensate for his less than dominant splits, he can become a very productive top of the order hitter. Regardless of where he ends up in the batting order, he should be an impact player in the majors within a few seasons.

20 - Anaheim Trojans - Hasn't signed and doesn't look like he will.

vino5 - My pick decided not to sign. He was asking for $8 mill and I thought he was worth a gamble at that point in the draft.

It will take him awhile to get there, but Gray should be a back of the rotation or long reliever who can possibly eat a lot of innings.

I really like this pick considering who went 5-10 spots ahead of him.  He should be a really nice reliever. Nice value!

z0601 - Lohse was just outside the Top 5 on our board and was a decent pickup with the 22 pick in this years draft. Lohse will hopefully develop into a decent relief arm out of our bullpen in the coming seasons. Oakland management hope his control and outstanding sinker make life really tough against lefties.

23 - Syracuse Orange - Tony Felix

Felix looks like another solid relief pitcher at nice value considering who went before him.  Nice job to z0601 and evil for grabbing these guys as they slipped.

Evil Doers - The Orange think they might have something here with Right Handed reliever Tony Felix. Is he future Cy Young winner, no. But we think with the 23rd pick that he'll definitely help the big team. His splits aren't fantastic but we love that he has great control and great velocity combining with a very good pitch and then a decent one as well. He'll also be able to go a couple of innings per appearance. We like him.

24 - Buffalo Bulls (Type A from losing Joaquin Nunez) - Benito Bogaerts

Another reliever!  I don't like Bogaerts quite as much since he is already 22 and has a good ways to go to be a go to guy in the bullpen, but could be a setup B.

25 - Seattle Huskies (Type D from last season) - Edgmer Johnson

Johnson has a really unique set of ratings.  He almost certainly won't be a C which will leave him as a DH with a really high OBP and should hit lefties really well.

26 - Louisville Cardinals - Billy Byrne

Byrne looks like a bust.  I don't think he can succeed much with splits and pitches so average, but maybe he will prove me wrong!

27 - Portland Ducks (Type A from losing Nolan Boone) - Timothy Davenport

We're starting to get to the point in the draft where there isn't much to say since its clear this draft was pretty weak.  Davenport will hopefully get to a point where he can be a back of the rotation guy, but is probably a long reliever at best.

28 - Louisville Cardinals (Type A from losing Orlando Galvez) - Don Caldwell

I would have loved this pick for an AL team and maybe one will come sniffing around in the offseason.  He is a nice bat to grab in a weak draft this late in the first round.

29 - Columbus Buckeyes (Type A from losing Dallas Parrott) - Lee Powell

Nothing much to see here.  Utility guy at best, maybe a AAA guy at worst.  None of his ratings really stand out.

30 - Charleston Cougars (Type D from last season) - Alan Tracy

Great value here as the top fielding player in the draft goes #30.  Considering some of the guys who were picked prior, Tracy is a steal as he definitely projects to be a plus defender at SS.  Nice value.

dgtrache - Alan Tracy projects as a very good fielding shortstop with a decent bat for the position. The challenge in developing Tracy will be whether he actually attains the lofty fielding projections that Charleston’s scouts are reporting given his poor make up.

31 - Dover Fightin Blue Hens - Fernando Eusebio

A SS who has already been converted to a CFer. Probably at best a utility guy as his defense doesn't look quite good enough to overcome his unique ratings at bat.

byers61 - With the 31st pick, Dover selected CF Fernando Eusebio. He is an okay pick that late, but he would have benefited from better genetic engineering. He has the range and arm to be a gold-glove shortstop, but alas, he is a lefty. He is a very good contact hitter but lacks the batting eye and base-running skills to be a true lead-off hitter. At this stage he is a poor hitter against righties, and at age 22 he doesn't have the time to grow to his potential much.

32 - Charleston Cougars - Chico Torrealba

Solid selection here at the end of the first round.  If he progresses, he will find a spot onto the Cougar ML roster.

dgtrache - Accidentally deleted this quote, please re-send to me dg!

Bleh.  Ford has a skillset that we usually don't chase after, but this draft stunk.  I'm glad his vR is the split that projects higher, his D is solid, and speed is great.  If we hold onto him, he'll be a solid utility guy.

34 - Richmond Spiders - Rudy Stone

Could be the steal of the draft.  Personally, I've had terrible luck with sub 18ish STA guy, but his splits and pitches look fantastic.  Really nice value.

cmthieme - I really like his projections, but he has a long way to go to reach them, so we'll see where he ends up. He won't throw a lot of innings but if he gets near his projections he could be a solid 1-inning closer-type. Picking this low, I'm happy to get a guy that can even make the team in the future, so I'm happy with this pick.

Can hopefully be a platoon CFer against lefties if he can progress enough defensively.  Keep him the heck away from righties!

36 - Minnesota Golden Gophers - Hasn't signed

37 - Minnesota Golden Gophers (Type D from last season) - Hasn't signed

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Season 23 - Amateur Draft - First Round Review

Courtesy of hurricane384...thanks for putting this together!

1.            2B Bill Fick – Fargo Bison
Solid range and glove. Weak arm. A true leadoff type who won’t strike out much, but can get on base. Not outstanding at driving the ball. Very fast.

2.            RHP George Priddy – Louisville Cardinals
Solid control. Solid combination of pitches. Decent splits. Solid stamina/durability. A little lacking for the #2 pick, but should be a solid contributor.

3.            RHP Charles Dean – Chicago Blue Demons
Tremendous splits. Solid control. Great stamina. Only 3 pitches and below average durability. Might struggle as a starter.

4.            CF Bill Palmer – Kansas City Wildcats
Remains unsigned as of press time.

5.            RHP Anthony Painter – Detroit Wolverines
Great control. Solid splits. Doesn’t throw hard. Average GB pitcher. Good pitches. Typically don’t like relievers this high, but knowing what the draft looked like, this was a solid pick.

6.            LF Lance Owens – Memphis Tigers
Solid power. Will strike out. Good range. Good arm. Great speed. Dominates RHP. Average eye.

mh17 says: It will be interesting to see Owens develop. Lance has good power and ability hitting lefties and rights, but seeing the ball and making contact may hinder his production, great speed but base running is questionable, and he’ll be very durable if he can avoid injuries. Would like to see him develop his defense a little more. Overall we are content with our selection.

7.            C Pedro Rosario – Boise Broncos

Tremendous defensive catcher. Great durability. Will struggle against RHP but should dominate LHP and won’t strike out much. Can definitely reach base. Fast for a C.
abesmem says: Boise was very happy to grab C, Pedro Rosario with the 7th overall pick. Pedro projects to be an “every day” backstop with solid defensive and pitch calling skills. He is no slouch at the place either with average power, good contact projections and a better than average eye at the plate. Pedro is already fairly well along in his development and is starting out in the organization at AA. He could be up with the big club in 2 years or less.

8.            RHP P.T. Durazo – Iowa City Hawkeyes

Tremendous stamina/durability. Solid control. Good splits. Keeps ball down. Underwhelming pitches.

9.            SS Fred Josephs – Huntington Thundering Herd

10.        P Deacon Ball – Helena Grizzlies
Remains unsigned as of press time.

11.        LF Al Brandt – Cincinnati Bearcats

Great power and dominant against RHP. Will struggles against LHP. Won’t strike out much. Average eye. Not much on defense.

allright says: Al Brandt has numbers that suggest that he will be a power hitter. He does not pull enough to be a 50 homer/year type; but he projects to be a solid 30+ homer hitter. He should handle RHP and maintain a high OBP. A solid prospect who should make The Show in 3 or 4 seasons. No HOF in his future, maybe not even an all-star; but, a solid ML contributor as a # 5 or #6 in the lineup.

12.        2B Luis Morlan – New Orleans Bayou Bengals

Dominates LHP. Will struggle against RHP. Great speed. Lacks durability. Solid defender who could fill in at several positions. Solid contact. Solid eye. Decent power.

13.        CF Gregg Wells – Philadelphia Owls

Tremendous power. Solid eye. Solid splits. Lacks top-end range, but good enough to be an everyday CF. Great glove. Great speed. Will strike out some.

14.        C Pepe Zurbaran – Texas Tech Red Raiders

Doesn’t call a great game but has a solid arm. Good power. Won’t strike out too much. Solid splits. Not good with the strike zone.

15.        RHP Roger Urich – Jackson Rebels

Lacks any semblance of control. Solid stamina & durability. Better against RHP than LHP. Great pitches and keeps the ball down.

16.        P Joey Camili – Oakland Golden Bears
Unsigned as of press time.

17.        RHP Rob Ray – Anaheim Trojans

Tremendous stamina/durability combination. Solid control. Only 3 pitches. Solid velocity & splits.

18.        3B Damon Wells – Nashville Commodores

Solid defensively. Average power and contact. Dominates LHP. Average against RHP. Average eye. Average pick here.

19.        3B Ahmad Russell – Little Rock Razorbacks

Lacks ideal range, but has a solid glove and good arm. Drives the ball well. Can work the count. Decent power. Strikes out a lot. Not durable.

20.        3B Lonny Lyles – Portland Ducks

Tremendous power. Drives the ball extremely well. Good range, great arm. Lacks ideal glove. Will strike out. Might be the steal of the draft.

21.        RHP Lou Jamison – Columbus Buckeyes

Tremendous control. Will get pounded on the ML level due to his inability to keep the ball out of hitting zone. Decent pitches. Doesn’t throw hard. Somewhat of a head-scratcher.

22.        RHP Dwight May – Seattle Huskies

Unsigned as of press time.

mcgupp says: He is projected as a lock down closer prospect. Unsure at this point if we will get him signed.

23.        RHP Buddy Swann – Buffalo Bulls

Great control. Throws hard. Solid stamina. Decent at keeping the ball out of hitting zone. Solid pitches. Keeps ball down.

24.        LHP Randy Montana – New York Red Storm

Average control. Can go deep into games. Solid splits. Throws hard. Flyball pitcher. Great pitches.

mamidu says: He decided to sign. I feel lucky to have landed him at #24. Has decent control and his splits project to be very good vL and above average vR with very good velocity. I have him projected to have 2 great pitches with the 3rd being average. I think he'll be a decent #3 SP.
25.        RF Erick Wright – Dover Fightin Blue Hens

Great arm. Really struggles against RHP. Average all around. Fast and a great baserunner.

26.        P Yonder Rodriguez – Charleston Cougars

Unsigned as of press time.

dgtrache says: Charleston would prefer that Yonder Rodriguez pursue his hockey career rather than accept the team's qualifying offer. Should he decide to play baseball, he has the potential to be a decent set-up man.

27.        RHP Manuel Quentin – Louisville Cardinals

Lacks ideal control. Throws hard and keeps the ball down in the zone. Keeps ball out of hitting zone. Great stamina/durability. Only 3 pitches. Could be a good one.

28.        RHP Derrick Velandia – Seattle Huskies

Dominant against RHP. Throws softly but keeps ball down. Lacks good control. Bit of a ‘tweener. Decent pitches.

29.        RF Vernon Blake – Salem Beavers

Makes a ton of contact. Lacks power. Struggles against LHP but does well against RHP. Good eye. Good baserunner with speed. Definitely a COF defensively.

30.  LHP Buddy Counsell – Charlotte Tar Heels
Tremendous control. 3 good pitches. Keeps ball down. Solid at keeping it out of hitting zone. Decent durability & stamina. Doesn’t throw hard at all.
hopkinsheel says: Pretty happy getting Counsell so late in the first round. We think he can be a solid addition to our bullpen one day

31.  RF Cory Gabriel – Syracuse Orange

Tremendous glove with solid range. Decent at making contact. Drives the ball average. Average eye. Tremenous speed.

Evil Doers says: One of the drawbacks of having a very successful regular season is of course, the low draft pick the next year. Having said that, the Orange are optimistic with the pick of Cory Gabriel. Some scouts had him as an up-the-middle player early in their reports but it appears that's not the case. The speedster would be a great addition if he was. He might not have the power for a corner position but he'll still make a nice addition to the school, even as a higher profile role-player if nothing else.
32.        RHP Bruce Nielsen – Richmond Spiders

Great control. Solid stamina/durability. Good pitches. Doesn’t throw hard and is a flyball pitcher. Does a decent job keeping ball out of hitting zone.

33.  RHP Brian Barnum – Minnesota Golden Gophers

Unsigned as of press time.

bighead34 says: really happy with Brian Barnum considering the lack of talent in this draft. hoping he can be an above average LRA if he signs...had him ranked 4th overall, but with limited scouting not sure how accurate my projections are...regardless he seems destined to be a MLer.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Top RF

TOP RF courtesy of hurricane384

1. Franklin Cornelius (LR)
Far and away the best hitter in RF, maybe in the world, Cornelius doesn't strike out, hits for elite power, and can work the count. He drives the ball well. Has a good arm.

Franklin Cornelius
Little Rock
Age: 28B/T: S/L
Born: Hammond, WI
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

2. Justin Crosby (IA)
Has elite power. Makes good contact. Drives the ball well. Has a good eye. Very good defensive RF.

Justin Crosby
Iowa City
Age: 28B/T: L/L
Born: Oakland, NJ
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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3. Doug Sullivan (HUN)
Struggles against RHP but dominates LHP. Strikes out at a little bit higher clip than most, but has power to make up for it. He knows how to work the count. Not a good defender.

Doug Sullivan
Thundering Herd
Age: 31B/T: R/R
Born: Phoenix, AZ
Position(s): RF/1B/DH
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4. Brian Komatsu (RIC)
5. Marino Terrero (NY2)
6. Terrence Shields (CH2)
7. Dante Itou (CHA)
8. Gorkys James (BOI)
9. Paul Igarashi (HEL)
10. Mateo Lugo (PHI)

Friday, November 15, 2013


Top CF courtesy of hurricane384

1. Albert Garza (FAR)
Although not an elite defender, Garza makes up for that with a great eye and good ratings across the board. He is weaker against RHP than he is against LHP. Good power and good contact. Good speed and good baserunner.

Albert Garza
Age: 31B/T: R/R
Born: Barahona, DO
Position(s): CF/IF/OF/DH
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2. Markus Crosby (HUN)
Has quality range and a solid glove. Doesn't strike out too much. Has some power. Drives the ball well. Has a good eye. Runs the bases poorly, but at least he's fast.

Markus Crosby
Thundering Herd
Age: 28B/T: S/R
Born: Muldrow, OK
Position(s): CF/1B/MIF/OF
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

3. Bernie Diaz (MIN)
Dominates RHP while doing well against LHP. Average power. Makes solid contact usually. Has the range for CF but lacks the glove. Average speed. Solid eye.

Bernie Diaz
Golden Gophers
Age: 28B/T: S/R
Born: Santo Domingo, DO
Position(s): CF/2B
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4. Craig Parrish (CHR)
5. Benji Ramirez (BUF)
6. Henry Knight (RIC)
7. Jaime Lowery (DOV)
8. Len Whitesell (CIN)
9. Geoff Snyder (OAK)
10. Dwight Wood (LOU)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Top LF courtesy of hurricane384

1. Doug Treadway (ARI)
Treadway rarely strikes out while maintaining elite power. He drives the ball consistently. He's got an above average eye. Good baserunner...good range in the field, even if his glove leaves something to be desired.

Doug Treadway
Age: 23B/T: L/L
Born: Grinnell, IA
Position(s): LF/1B/RF/DH
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2. Tomas Olmedo (CHA)
Olmedo doesn't strike out too much. Has solid power to go along with a very good eye. Drives the ball well. Has good speed and is a good baserunner. Mediocre defender.

Tomas Olmedo
Tar Heels
Age: 33B/T: S/R
Born: Remidios, CU
Position(s): LF/1B/RF/DH
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3. Miguel Cerda (CHR)
Doesn't strike out much and has solid power. Struggles against LHP.  Tremendous eye with great speed and baserunning combo.

Miguel Cerda
Age: 28B/T: L/L
Born: Ciudad Juarez, MX
Position(s): LF/1B/RF/DH
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4. Angel Sanchez (SAL)
5. Hugh Bell (MEM)
6. Andrea Nelson (HUN)
7. Eliezer Arrojo (OAK)
8. Jimmie Delgado (FAR)
9. Wandy Cedeno (LAA)
10. Endy Latham (LOU)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Top SS

Top SS courtesy of hurricane384

1. Melky Baez (DOV)
Lacks ideal defensive ability to be a SS, but more than makes up for it with great offensive ability. Power, average, XBH, he does it all...except for maybe work the count.

Melky Baez
Fightin Blue Hens
Age: 26B/T: R/R
Born: Cabimas, VE
Position(s): SS/3B/2B/OF
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2. Pedro Gonzales (POR)
Tremendous power. Dominates LHP but struggles against RHP. Doesn't strike out but can't work the count too well. Struggles defensively, but his offensive ability makes up for it.

Pedro Gonzales
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Don Gregorio, DO
Position(s): SS/IF/OF/DH
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3. Eddie Padden (BUF)
Strikes out a lot, but has solid power, Drives the ball well. Works the count. Solid but not spectacular defender.

Eddie Padden
Age: 32B/T: L/R
Born: Milwaukee, WI
Position(s): SS/IF/OF/DH
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4. Felix Dunston (NY2)
5. Christopher Jenkins (MEM)
6. Buck Justice (CIN)
7. Juan Dali (PHI)
8. Collin Hartley (RIC)
9. Fernando Segui (JAC)
10. Emmanuel Villa (PHI)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Top 3B

Top 3B courtesy of hurricane 384

1. Frieri Santiago (PHI)
Doesn't strike out. Hits for good power. Drives the ball well. Can work the count. Is a good defender.

Frieri Santiago
Age: 30B/T: R/R
Born: Marietta, OH
Position(s): 3B
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

2. Douglas Lawrie (DET)
Drives the ball well against LHP while being solid against RHP. Has a good eye. Very good defender. Good power. Good contact.

Douglas Lawrie
Age: 24B/T: L/R
Born: Boston, MA
Position(s): 3B
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

3. Luis Cortes (CHA)
Big-time power. Makes solid contact. Drives the ball well. Solid eye. Good defender.

Luis Cortes
Tar Heels
Age: 27B/T: S/R
Born: Ciudad Obregon, MX
Position(s): 3B/IF/OF/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

4. Philip Rigby (OAK)
5. Danny Smoltz (LR)
6. Odalis Velazquez (NY2)
7. Ebenezer Zimmerman (BUF)
8. Tony Kim (LAA)
9. Juan Gonzalez (MIN)
10. Milton Hermanson (SAL)