Friday, December 31, 2010

Owner Update

I wanted to provide an update regarding an owner situation that the competition committee has come to a decision on. Unfortunately cnsmuck will not get to the 70 win level that was required of him due to being on probation after eclipsing 200 losses over two seasons. That being said, cn kept up a steady stream of communication about how he was trying to improve his team over the past three seasons, unfortunately he fell short. The competition committee felt he did his best and cn let us know how much he enjoyed NCAA World and if there was ever an opportunity to come back, he'd like to be considered. Shortly thereafter, Oakland's current owner, jlipp993 let me know he wouldn't be returning. After consulting with the committee, we decided to offer cnsmuck that team. We believe this is a fair deal all around. CN doesn't get to "take advantage" of several losing seasons in a row with high draft picks, etc and NCAA doesn't lose a good, quality owner who has been with this world since the beginning. Le me be clear, each member of the committee researched the moved cn has made over the last few seasons and none of believe cn came anywhere close to "tanking." However, rules are rules, and we weren't prepared to make an exception or anything like that, nor did cn has for one. We have a great owner, tbone66, who will be taking over the Iowa City franchise.

Please send me a trade chat if you have any questions and/or concerns. Thanks for your time!

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