Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rule Change Discussion

I have been thinking for some time that we may need to revise our MWR rule.  Specifically regarding the probationary season and the result if you don't hit 70 wins.   I am not sure how much attention everyone is paying to the HBD forums, classifieds, and current world openings, but the climate right now is not of a very robust environment.  Frankly, we're not in a position to be kicking out owners who legitimately want to stay and are open to taking significant penalties in lieu of expulsion.

I've thought about this for awhile, but it came to a head this season as mongoose_22 (who has a stellar reputation within the HBD community and is a great owner) has struggled to get to 70 wins with his Texas squad.  He has taken full ownership of whats happened and has admitted to thinking his teams were better than they were.  That combined with some unbelievably bad luck in 1 run games has led him to the point of expulsion.  He sent me a trade chat offering to give up his team immediately because he isn't going to hit the 70 win mark, but offered these penalties instead so that he would not be getting benefits from a bad season.

1. Forfeiture of the first round pick next year by selecting an absolute scrub

2. Two season IFA ban on signing anyone for more than $1 million.  Anything less would still allow him to sign minor league filler.

3.  Between the first round pick forfeiture and IFA ban, the remaining payroll would have to be invested into the ML team to keep improving it.

This would not be a one time exception.  We're discussing making a permanent rule change as exceptions just cause all kinds of problems.  In essence, anyone not hitting 70 wins in their probationary season would have a choice of leaving the world or accepting the above penalties. The competition committee voted 4 - 0 to vote for this rule change, but I want to bring it to the world as well.  Feel free to post in the world chat or you can always trade chat or sitemail me.

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