Sunday, September 21, 2014

25 Years of History

Looking back at 25 years of history, we can try to determine who were the dominate teams in both leagues. Day in and day out, you can definitely see that some organizations have been at the top of their game.

Charlotte has the best win percentage at .604 while Louisville has the most wild cards at 9. Minnesota has the most world series rings with 5 and Nashville has the most division titles with 18.

Anaheim TrojansALWest204420060.505743
Arizona LumberjacksNLWest208219680.5140134
Boise BroncosNLWest180422460.445230
Buffalo BullsNLEast190021500.469400
Charleston CougarsALEast213019200.5263110
Charlotte Tar HeelsNLEast244716030.6045173
Chicago Blue DemonsALEast181222380.447020
Cincinnati BearcatsALNorth195520950.483240
Columbus BuckeyesNLNorth187821720.464200
Detroit WolverinesNLNorth205419960.507591
Dover Fightin Blue HensNLNorth214319070.5292121
Fargo BisonALNorth215418960.5323102
Helena GrizzliesNLWest205419960.507272
Huntington Thundering HerdNLSouth194221080.480140
Iowa City HawkeyesNLNorth184722030.456240
Jackson RebelsALSouth190421460.470200
Kansas City WildcatsNLWest192421260.475220
Little Rock RazorbacksALSouth187121790.462330
Louisville CardinalsNLEast199620540.493900
Memphis TigersNLSouth184522050.456120
Minnesota Golden GophersALNorth221018400.546395
Nashville CommodoresALSouth226417860.5591182
New Orleans Bayou BengalsALSouth201920310.499540
New York Red StormALEast203620140.503751
Oakland Golden BearsALWest203220180.502350
Philadelphia OwlsALEast204820020.506370
Portland DucksALNorth196820820.486220
Richmond SpidersNLSouth214419060.5293121
Salem BeaversALWest225617940.5573160
Seattle HuskiesALWest184722030.456300
Syracuse OrangeNLEast220818420.545680
Texas Tech Red RaidersNLSouth198220680.489470

The AL has a slight edge in win percentage and world series rings over the NL. Every division has won at least one world series ring. 

AL North 8287 7913 0.512 7
AL East 8026 8174 0.495 1
AL South 8058 8142 0.497 2
AL West 8179 8021 0.505 3
TOTALS 32550 32250 0.502 13
NL North 7922 8278 0.489 2
NL East 8551 7649 0.528 3
NL South 7913 8287 0.488 1
NL West 7864 8336 0.485 6
TOTALS 32250 32550 0.498 12
When you look at the overall win percentage of each team and the leagues, you get a sense of balance in the world. Each team has a chance to bring home the trophy every year. Some teams are consistently good, but the world seems to have an equilibrium over time.

Twenty-five years can seem like a long time. In reality, some of the long-time owners have probably felt like it has flown by. What a nice testament to the world as a whole when you view the statistics behind the last 25 years.

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