Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Season 11 - NL West Prospect Report

All 4 owners submitted their prospect reports, thanks guys! As always, all player names are "clickable" to their player card.

Arizona Sun Devils

1. Saul Garrido - acquired via trade in season 10 Saul is an exciting player with good balance. Look for him in the majors in season 13 or so.

2. Rafael Guerrero - A strong find by my scouts in the DO, This southpaw has a blazing fastball sure to be striking out hitters at the ML level by season 13.

3. Was Achilles Harper but has since been traded to Seattle.

4. Jose Samuel - Another prospect from the DO. Signed in season 8. I don't need to tell you that lpa2a has had great success with overseas talent. But I should tell you that he just doesn't fit with the organizations plan. He's on the block and available so who knows when he'll hit the majors.

5. Was Howie Hawkins but has since been traded to Seattle.

Helena Grizzlies

1. Jose Mendoza - Mendoza was the Grizzlies first in the season 9 draft. Jose is a hard thrower that can neutralize both lefties and righties. He has 4 good pitches and could have an accelerated path to the show if the major league club needs some help to avoid the loss limit this season.

2. Devon Browning - Browning is a pure power hitter. He is soft vs. left handing pitcher and his is far from being a plus Right fielder, but Browning has 40 HR potential and that hides a lot of weaknesses.

3. Dorian Griffin - Griffin is considered by most within the organization as a major bust. He was the sixth overall pick of the season 8 draft and was deemed the centerfielder of the future. As it turns out, the scouting projections might have failed ownership. Griffin does not have the skills to play CF and his bat has not developed like they hoped it would. He may end up being a solid ML player, as he does have tremendous speed, but he will never be the savior that franchise hoped he would be.

4. Alfredo Guzman - Guzman is a former supplemental pick who has developed into a nice prospect. He has a plus arm in RF and is a heady base runner. He won't strike fear into the hearts of any ML pitchers, but expect him to have a shot at making the ML team out of spring training next season.

5. Mel Boyer - The talent level falls off after the top 4. And Boyer gets the nod over a group of AAAA guys that could fit in this spot. Boyer has developed nicely in his first year in the organization and could end up being a capable 3B. At this point I would say he has an outside change at making a contribution at the ML level in 2-3 seasons.

Boise Broncos

1. Elvis Fox - really ready now, but will be up no later than next spring. Just working on pitch selection right now

2. Terry Powell

3. Bill Crosby - just drafted and is in HiA.

4. Kenneth Wall - great curveball-control pitcher at AAA. He should be in the rotation next year.

5. Juan Rosado - solid lefty bat at AAA. He has a bit of a pitch selection problem that may never resolve itself, but his numbers have been consistently good. Hopefully he’ll contribute at the ML level next year.

Kansas City Wildcats

1. Ian Joseph - #1 pick season 9.He looks to be a great fielder will steal a few bases hit for a little power but will strikeout a lot and have a low avg.Could make majors by season 13.

2. Damaso Mota - #1 pick season 8.Having a great year in AAA I think he will be a OK #5 starter or work out of the bullpen his 1& 2 pitches are not great. Major league debut season 11 or 12.

3. Sammy Santiago - He should hit in the 270 range with 15 to 20 homers and steal a few bases. Major league debut season 13.

4. Louie Martinez - Pretty good pitcher with great control and #2 pitch but low stamina. Should be a good spot starter and work out of the bullpen. Major league debut season 13 or 14.

5. Emmett Brow - #1 pick season 7. Nice power but will hit for low AVG. Major league debut season 12.

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