Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Season 11 - AL Power Rankings (All Star Break)

AL Power Rankings to represent the NL in the World Series.

-Rankings are based on expected win pct (run differential), standings, and stats.

-Some owners submitted recaps of their teams, I will point that out when applicable.

Please, please, pleaseeeeeee don’t take this seriously. This is purely for fun and is just to make this blog better. This is strictly for entertainment value and to promote discussion and debate.


1. Philadelphia Owls – jeanpaul: For the fourth season in a row, the Owls should win their division title. Second in the AL right now, they are first in HR, second in RBIs, Runs and third in batting average. On the mound, they are first in WHIP and second in ERA. After losing to Fargo last season, they hope that the addition of Otis Damon and Daisuke Suzuki will give them what they missed last season in the playoff. Key players to watch: Haywood Bryant and Domingo Servet.

2. Salem Beavers - jarazix: The season is going as planned. Currently leading the division with the AL's best record, most runs scored, 2nd in ERA. Jack Nicholas continues to develop with last years acquisition Wes Cyr alread at 104 RBI. He and Bill Morton may compete for the MVP.

On the pitching end Al Vadez is 15-2 and should compete for the Cy Young, 3 other pitchers have 7+ wins as well.

If injuries hit Chip Leonard is primed to take his spot in the big leagues.

The team will finish likely in the top 2 in scoring and record. We'll see how the playoffs go.

3. Fargo Bison - Certainly won't go out on the limb of calling the Bison a pretender like I did last season. The defending champs are leading the AL North and look poised to do some damage in the playoffs, but doesn't look like they'll achieve a bye.

4. Anaheim Trojans - Anaheim/Salem is like Charlotte/Syracuse. One team could have a fantastic season and still be stuck in the opening round of the playoffs. This team is very well rounded.


5. Minnesota Golden Gophers - Might be able to go on a run to win the title, but the smart money is on winning a wild card spot. Probably still a season or two away from doing a ton of damage unless they go on a "Fargo" esqe run.

6. Little Rock Razorbacks - The AL South doesn't have a team with an expected win pct above .470, but someone has to win the division.

7. Jackson Rebels - The Rebels have been bolstered by their success in one run games which has them playing well over their heads. Will battle the Razorbacks for the division title, but neither team will go far in the playoffs.

8. Cincinnati Bearcats - Treading water in the tough AL North. They have some nice prospects making debuts this season or shortly over the horizon. The future is bright in Cincy and will continue to make the AL North a tough division.

9. New York Red Storm - Almost put them in the "Is it next season" yet category, but they have been extremely unlucky this season. There is an outside chance of going on a serious streak and making a run at a wild card spot.

Is it next season yet?

10. Seattle Huskies - The Seattle Mariners have been a work in progress with four key veterans departing and nine newcomers taking their places. Two of the prospects added in the Miguel Barcello deal are already paying dividends. 23-year-old Carlos Soriano has forged a 13-4 record at the All-Star break with a 2.99ERA and 1.21WHIP. 23-year-old Angel Trevino has become the primary set-up man with a 2-0 W-L, 3.86ERA and 1.31WHIP. Tyson Seaver (2B) obtained in the Eric Haynes trade takes over at 2B and prized rookie Kevin Xiao fills Haynes' spot at 3B. C Hooks Cheney continues to impress in his second full season with .296/.362/.584 with 29 HR at the break, while Rule 5 SP Deion Moreno and veteran FA SP Al Cortes have been pleasant surprises. Hovering around the .500 mark most of the season, the Mariners find themselves having a realistic shot at the playoffs if they can keep improving as the season progresses. This would be a first for the franchise after ten seasons of mediocrity.

11. Oakland Golden Bears - All 4 teams in the AL West have expected winning pcts above .500 which is unusual. Management in Oakland didn't expect much this season so this team seems to be playing above expectations.

12. Portland Ducks – sirius07 - Honestly, I thought that the Ducks would be better this season, but it seems that something is missing in the team to make it works. If the season would end now, it would be their first 4th place in the AL North division.

We still have time to move up since the division is not very strong, but it will be hard. To be in the series, the Ducks need to finish 1st because there is better team in the wild card race.

13. New Orleans Bayou Bengals - The negative here is another rebuilding season in New Orleans, but the positive is it doesn't look like it will take much to take the AL South next season.

14. Charleston Cougars - Surprised no one has made a run at Jared Strickland as he could definitely help a contender while helping the Cougars along in their rebuilding efforts.

15. Nashville Commodores - Spending a ton of cash in Free Agency hasn't seemed to make the magic happen in Nashville. Owner meteu is a savvy veteran so could he have a trick or two up his sleeve?

16. Chicago Blue Demons - Rebuilding project continues.

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