Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updated Records - Through Season 10

On the right of the blog you'll see the updated Single Season and Career Leaders. A good amount of change and some cool stats to discuss, lets dive in! (All Players Names are "clickable" to their player cards)

Single Season - Pitching

Joaquin Nunez continues to dominate NCAA and stake his case as the best pitcher ever in NCAA. He crushed his old ERA record and the new one stands at 1.54! He also defeated his Strikeouts record and the new record is 245 k's in one season. He is also the new record holder for single season WHIP with a blistering .86.

Single Season - Hitting

Ned French and Haywood Bryant came SO close to overcoming the league record batting average of .366 currently held by D'Angelo Prieto from season 1. French clocked in at .361 and Haywood at .355 while the record stands at .362.

Michael Seay only finished 10 RBI's off the record, but fell just short.

The single season hits record also came very close to being toppled. The current record is held by D'Angelo Prieto at 225, again from season 1. Ned French finished with 223 and Adam Seneca finished with 218.

Career - Pitching

Otis Damon is only 25 k's away from hitting the career 2,000 strikeout mark.

Career - Hitting

Ned French is now tied with Enrique Sojo with a career .336 average.

Rob Allen is the new stolen bases career leader with 620.

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