Sunday, October 10, 2010

200 loss rule

Cnsmuck and the Iowa City Hawkeyes unfortunately crossed the 200 losses over two seasons by 3 losses. However, the competition committee has decided to grant cn probation and he will be required to get to 70 wins next season or will automatically lose his team.

Below is my statement and a couple others from committee members.

This is my quote: I believe that cn deserves the chance to “right the ship.” He is a charter member of NCAA and that means a lot to me. He has been actively engaged with me in trade chat over the last couple seasons on how frustrated he was with his team and what steps he was taking to avoid the 200 loss mark. I just don’t believe he was “soft tanking” or anything like that. I’m glad he’ll be back.

Committee Member: I suggest probation. Factors include the length of time as being a 'University President' and also that the school improved this season to under 100 losses

Committee Member: "Based on FA and trade history, along with his budget, I'm willing to give him another season to get to the 70 win total which I believe he can do."

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