Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NCAA Playoff Picture - Game 150 by miggyt4

As of Game 150...

AL Playoff Picture

Division Leader: Fargo Bison
Magic Number: 6
In the hunt: Portland Ducks (8 Games Behind)

Division Winner: Philadelphia Owls (3rd Division Title in a row; 3rd Division Title Overall)

Divison Winner: Little Rock Razorbacks (1st Division Title Overall)

Division Leder: Salem Beavers
Magic Number: 8
In the hunt: Anaheim Trojans (6 Games Behind)

Wild Card Leader 1: Anaheim Trojans
Magic Number: Anaheim has clinched a playoff berth

Wild Card Leader 2:Portland Ducks
Magic Number: Portland's magic number is currently 10 over the Oakland Golden Bears
In the hunt: Oakland Golden Bears (4 Games Behind), New York Red Storm (6 Games Behind), Jackson Rebels (9 Games Behind)

Analysis: The AL Playoff Picture is much clearer than the NL. Philadelphia and Little Rock have already clinched division titles and are now playing for the #2 seed in the playoffs. Also in the picture for the #2 seed is the Fargo Bison who currently hold an 8 game lead over the Portland Ducks in the AL North. In the West, Salem has clinched a playoff berth however they're still battling Anaheim for the West division title. It appears that the winner of the West will be the #1 seed in the playoffs.

As for the Wild Card, Anaheim is currently leading the wild card and has clinched a spot in the playoffs. They are currently 6 games behind the Salem Beavers in the West. The other wild card spot is currently led by the Portland Ducks who have a 4 game lead over the Oakland Golden Bears. The New York Red Storm are 6 games behind, the Jackson Rebels are 9 games behind and the New Orleans Bayou Bengals are 10 games behind. This is the closet race in the AL as Oakland still has a chance to pass the Ducks and get into the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row.


Division Leader: Detroit Wolverines
In the hunt: Dover Fightin Blue Hens (2 Games Behind)
Detroit's magic number is 12 over Dover

Division Leader: Syracuse Orange
Magic Number: 10
In the hunt: Charlotte Tar Heels (4 Games Behind)

Division Leader: Huntington Thundering Herd
Magic Number: 11
In the hunt: Memphis Tigers (3 Games Behind), Texas Mustangs (3 Games Behind)

Division Leader: Kansas City Wildcats
Magic Number: 10
In the hunt: Arizona Sun Devils (4 Games Behind)

Wild Card Leader 1: Charlotte Tar Heels
Magic Number: 4
In the hunt: Memphis Tigers (10 Games Behind), Texas Mustangs (10 Games Behind), Buffalo Bills (11 Games Behind), Arizona Sun Devils (10 Games Behind)

Wild Card Leader 2: TIE Memphis Tigers, Texas Mustangs
Magic Number: 13
In the hunt: Buffalo Bills (1 Game Behind), Arizona Sun Devils (1 Game Behind), Louisville Cardinals (3 Games Behind)

The only race that appears to be decided is the 1st Wild Card as the Charlotte Tar Heels currently hold a commanding 10 game lead. The 4 Divsion races are all very close with the largest lead of any Division leader being only 4 games. The Wild Card race is even closer with 5 teams all within 3 games of each other. The only 2 teams that have pretty much guaranteed post season berths are the Syracuse Orange and the Charlotte Tar Heels as whomever doesn't win their division will most likely win the 1st Wild Card position.

I hope to update everyday after the PM1 cycle which will allow for 3 games to be played and the playoff picture should become more clear, except for in the NL.

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