Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Hitting Only Prospects according to hurricane384


1. Omar Andujar - The 20-year old Andujar has all the talent to be a superstar at the major league level. He’s not going to hurt a team defensively as he has a strong arm, good accuracy and can call a game with the best of them. He’s going to hit for a high average, good power, and work the count very well. He will struggle to get 450 plate appearances in a season though as well as struggle somewhat against righties. His bat is too good to be relegated to a platoon role, and his defense is too strong to relegate to a full-time DH. May be able to get more plate appearances by DH’ing against righties. (AA)

2. Steve D'Amico - 19-year old Steve D’Amico could be a very interesting case study. He has the arm strength and accuracy to be a decent catcher, but has very little ability to call a game. He’s got great durability and will hit for a very high average. He will likely be at or near the top of the league in OBP with a great eye. He hits righties very well. Doesn’t hit for a lot of power, but does have enough power to crank out a lot of doubles. Doesn’t possess the capability to play even adequate defense at first, but his offensive prowess may be enough to offset that. (LoA)

3. Odalis Velazquez - The 20-year old Velazquez has real potential to be an MVP in the near future. He really doesn’t struggle at anything as he can hit for average, power, against both righties and lefties and will garner 600+ plate appearances. Is he continues to be a SS, he will struggle getting to some balls, but if he can get to them, should be able to make the play. Not an exceptional defender by any means, the main question when he comes up is whether or not his offense is good enough to outweigh his defense at SS or does he become a sensational 2B or 3B. (AAA)

4. Ray King - Not much for calling games, this 23-year old definitely has the arm to be a plus defensive catcher. Lacks the durability to be a major factor throughout the season, but could definitely help a team in the playoffs. Could be a great platoon candidate since he dominates lefties thoroughly. Hits for a high average and will work the count for walks. (AAA)

5. Ebenezer Zimmerman - A superior defender at the hot corner, the 22-year old Zimmerman should be up very soon and ready to some damage in the bigs. He’s got a shot at being a perennial gold glover, and with his hitting ability a potential MVP & Silver Slugger. He’ll hit for plenty of power against righties and lefties, will give a team about 550 plate appearances a year. His offensive capabilities could allow him to play SS and get away with having subpar range. Will steal some bases, and could go for 35+ HRs and 35+ 2Bs. (AAA)


1. Homer Konerko> - The 20-year old Konerko projects to have amazing control, be dominant against all batters, great velocity, and 4 “plus” pitches. Without a doubt, the only thing potentially preventing him from fulfilling his promise is a lack of stamina. He should be able to get to the 6th inning in most starts, but probably not too far past that. His durability should allow him to rack up a couple extra starts a season. He’s got scary-good splits, velocity, and control and could very well be a multiple time Cy Young award winner, the only question is when does he start that march since he’s dominating AAA batters right now. (AAA)

2. Mark Glover - Another 20-year old, Glover possesses more stamina than Konerko and is better against lefties. He will struggle somewhat to get righties out, but should more than make up for that with the quality of his pitches. Has 3 “plus” pitches, one average, and one bad. Doesn’t throw hard enough to strike out a lot of batters, but definitely has the talent to be among the elite pitchers in the world. (AA)

3. Jeremy Livingstone - Solid durability and stamina charactize yet another 20-year old on this list. Livingstone has 3 “plus” pitches, as well as tremendous control, is great against righties and lefties, and has solid enough velocity to get the strikeout when necessary. Should be a shutdown closer when he reaches the majors in 2-3 seasons. Should be a perennial fireman of the year candidate and be at the top of the league in saves every season. (HiA)

4. Fausto Gimenez - The fourth 20-year old on the list, Gimenez will provide Charlotte with a top-notch starter once he reaches the majors. 3 high-quality pitches, and an ability to locate the ball with the best of them characterize this prize pitcher. Should see some complete games. Will struggle some with keeping the ball in the park, although his ability to handle both hitters, albeit lefties better than righties, should help to mitigate the damage the home runs inflict. (HiA)

5. Brandon Gragg - 19-year old Gragg posessess a lighting quick fastball, 2 above average pitches and one average pitch. Great control will prevent his inability to coax a groundball from hurting him too much. He will dominate righties and hold his own against lefties, and will be able to average around 7.0 innings per start while starting 35 games. Not an injury threat. Should be able to compete with the best of the best each season.

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