Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NL West Divisional Preview


1. Arizona
2. Boise
3. Kansas City
4. Helena


Key additions: SP Terry Simmons, SP Marlon Hegan and RP Carlos Castro

Key losses: Type A FA David Cordero, Type B FA Darrin Williams

Rookies that could make in impact: 1B Julio Nunez and RP Victor Valdes

Goal: .500 season

The Grizzlies are in full rebuilding mode, but are still trying to maintain a competitive ML product. Coming off a season that saw them come 4 games short of .500 has motivated the team to hit that mark in season 10. Moe Hermanson is the face of the franchise and will be the player the line up is built around, while Oswaldo Diaz, Jaret House and Rico Olmeda attempt to provide the protection that David Cordero and Darrin Williams did last season.

Last season, the team's biggest weakness was Relief pitching, but we are hoping the addition of FA Carlos Castro and Rule 5 pick up Todd Corey will be enough to bridge the gap to our closer Candy Ryan. 21 year old Victor Valdes is waiting in the wings if the bullpen displays the same stuggles as last season. Terry Simmons and Marlon Hegan where also acquired to bolster the starting rotation.


All starting position players and all 5 starting pitchers return this season. The only big addition is [URL=]Nap Hollins[/URL]. The biggest player lost was [URL=]Michael Maddux[/URL], he was stuck on the bench except for road games in the WS and pinch hitting opportunities, so he was traded for a strong prospect and some pitching. On the rookie front there is good news for [URL=]Arlie Butler[/URL], he has spent the past nine seasons in AAA where he has amassed 1594 hits and 243 home runs while averaging .321 with an OPS of .933. At the age of 29 his time in the majors has finally arrived.

The Sun Devils will continue their practice of only starting fully rested pitchers and resting key players throughout the season. The team has its sight set on another World Series title and will accept nothing less.

Kansas City

I did not add any free agents I did not see anyone I really wanted. I did not make any trades. My team did not lose any key players just one free agent pitcher Carlos Castro who was my 6th starter. I am going replace him with rookie pitcher P.T. Mercado.My goal for the season is to win the division (finished 2nd the last 3 years) and or make the playoffs. I don't have any superstars on offense who can carry my team so I need my starting pitchers to get a lot of quality starts so my strong bullpen can close out the game.


The Boise Broncos are looking to compete for a playoff spot this year. Obviously, we’re going to need some of our younger players to continue their development. Specifically, we need Daley to start to become the dominant SP we hope he will be and Sheffield to carry the closer duties.. We believe our bullpen is a strength, so Sheff will have some help. We’re real happy with our rule 5 pickups. We think Lopez can develop into a nice starter for the back end of the rotation and Russell should turn out to be a solid #2 catcher with a good eye who makes good contact. Our free agent pick up of Parrish should give the rotation some needed depth. His durability is a question, but he throws quality stuff with control, so hopefully he will be a good 4th or 5th starter for us. The other key young guys have to continue to get better and if that happens, we’ll be fine.

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