Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NL East Divisional Preview


1. Syracuse
2. Louisville
3. Buffalo
4. Charlotte


Key Players Added: None

Key Players Lost: None

Key Transactions: Signing Michael Seay and Frank Jenkins to long term contract extentions though Season 15.

Outlook: Taking nothing away from a league with very strong competition.... but nothing less than a championship after winning 114 and 102 games will be considered good


Key Players Added: Bulls got signing Jung Lee from the free-agents market. We think he is the last piece of the puzzle we waiting for a long time. He will start the season at CF.

Key Players Lost: Unfortunatly, we lost a old but very good SP in Paul Fujiwara. But we could dry our tears because we will get a first round pick in exchange.

Rookies: Walt Stone and Lorenzo Ontiveros will probably be add to the startup rotation. Buffalo are very confident that Harry Guillen could give a second good season at SP. We are sure that he will do so for many years.

Outlook: The prime and only goal possible for this year will be the playoff. Nothing less. The perfect mix of youngsters and veterans will be the key of our succes. Go Bulls Go!


Key Players Added: None really, some small additions here or there

Key Players Lost: Josh Becker (CF), although management is contemplating bringing him back since we he is still unsigned.

Rookies: John Kramer (SP) will make his long awaited debut. Possibly a couple other pitchers. Tough decision to make on Tomas Olmedo (RF). If he isn’t brought up this season, it will definitely happen next season.

Outlook: Management believes the Tar Heels underperformed last season in finishing 73-89. Injuries hit the team pretty hard while the healthy guys didn’t perform up to the levels they had in the past. As Rube Baker mentioned in his remarks, the Heels have a plethora of SP prospects just on the horizon that starts with Kramer. The Heels are tired of losing and would love for this next season to be the season it takes steps forward. Honestly, we have no idea what the heck is going to happen.


Key Players Added: Kurt Rolls SS

Key Players Lost: Clay Lavarnway LF

Key Transactions: Clay Lavarnway LF for Kurt Rolls SS and Edgardo Rosado RP

Rookies: Dwight Howell SS – Bench role and Tripp Brooks CF – Bench role


I believe the pitching staff will hold its own. The offense will determine how far we go. I hope to be in the wild card race this fall.

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