Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AL North Divisional Preview


1. Fargo
2. Minnesota
3. Portland
4. Cincinnati


key additions:bernard townsend-will definately help at the back end of my bullpen. rookies:edgardo bonilla and rafael liriano. i expect to win the north after a really underachieving season by basically the entire team last year.


Key Player Added: I would say Chris Knight (SP).

Key Player Lost: None

Key Transaction: None

Rookies: Alvin Barnes, Boots Lundquist

Outlook: Since or division is very week, I'm looking to win the title this year. There is some work to do throught the season, but If the Ducks avoid injuries, it's possible.

Also, we are still waiting for Dave Ramsay to contribute more with his big contract. With all that money spend on him, this guy have to do more than the others.

We could see Bingo Speier increase his numbers. He may become the lead off even if Ernie Helton has stolen more bases last year.

On the bullpen side, Portland has a solid rotation with Gene Wise, Del Martinez, Einar Arias, new comer Chris Knight and rookie Alvin Barnes.

Richard Vanguri will still be the closer this season unless desastrous numbers at mid season.


Losses: T. O'Keefe (c), Don Powell (2b), Peter Stankiewicz (1b), Graham Post (P), King Chamberlain (P), Bob Elster (P), Geoff Morgan (P)

Additions: Tony Paniagua (ss), Howard Smith (ss), Mac Douglas (P), Freddy Tanaka (P), Juan Da Silva (P), Howie Palmer (P)

Rookie: Trent Huff (LF), other good youngsters need more seasoning.

Outlook: The first season of a three or four season rebuilding program.

Minnesota : Did not submit

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