Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Syracuse Preview

Syracuse Orange

Key Players Lost: Former Cy Young Winner: Charles Carlyle. He was key a few years ago, but not last season.

Key Players Added: None.

The Syracuse Orange is, one again, the Syracuse Orange you know and love. I’ve had so many high salaries and not many draft good draft picks lately. So we’ve been pretty much tied into the guys we’ve had. We have a decent bullpen and more coming. So the biggest change this year is moving Roosevelt Loux back into the rotation. He’s got 143 wins and 168 saves. He’s only at most a 6 inning starter, but we’ll give it a shot. If he does well, the rotation should be nice. We need a bounce back season from Jose Barrios (9-11 4.00). And WIS has a way of doing that it seems. 

We won’t beat Charlotte in the race unless something weird happens. We think we have a strong chance at the wild card,from there we’ll see.

If we completely suck, I might be ready to begin making some moves so stay close people!

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