Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Portland Preview

Portland Ducks

Key Player Added: Ajax Brown has been signed to replace the lost of Damon on the FA market.

Key Player Lost: Otis Damon and Einar Arias

Key Transaction: None

Rookies: We may see Harold Santangelo or Ricardo Mota playing at 1B in the bigs. Also, Earl Levrault could be promote to the ML at the start of the season. If the Ducks need some replacement in his pitching rotation, Gary Frey could be the man. Frey will start the season in the AAA, but who knows.

Outlook: The heart of the team is almost the same, but we could see some young guys making their debuts in the ML this season. The Ducks are in need of a 1B, but no decision has been taken at the moment. Does a young guy will be called up or a free agent will be signed?

The Ducks had to replace Otis Damon because he wanted to try the free agent market. The Ducks decided to not bid on him thinking that it would be a bidding war, but it seems that few teams were interested. Ajax Brown has been signed to take a spot in the rotation.

The Ducks’s rotation should be something like this: Vic Keefe (16-9, 3.08), Alvin Barnes (14-8, 3.72), Ajax Brown (7-5, 4.64), Joe Creek (12-11, 3.96) and Pat Gibbons (9-12, 4.43). Therefore, Clayton Brunette (4-5, 3.23) may be use as starter if someone doesn’t satisfied the team’s owner.

Richard Vanguri will still be the designate closer for the Ducks, unless things are going bad for him.

The Ducks are still looking for a division title, but making the playoffs will be the ultimate goal this season.

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