Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Detroit Preview

Detroit Wolverines

Last season: 89-73, NL North Champs, Lost in 1st Round of Playoffs to Richmond

Management came out yesterday with a bold statement declaring the Detroit Wolverines
S13 champs. We’ve always had a solid club but feel like the moves this off-season
will give us a legitimate chance at going deep into the playoffs and getting that trophy
out of Charlotte.

Key Losses: Setup Pitcher Ronald Berger, 3B Buster Wiggins, SP Julio Johnson, and 1B
Eddie Sanford

Key Additions: 1B Michael Maddux, 2B Julian Cortes, CF Bernie Ortiz, Cl Bernard

Big trades were made this offseason, giving up 61 HR and 164 RBI of production from
a team that was barely above average last season in batting, along with a SP who is
1 game shy from totaling up 100 wins. So why does management feel so strongly?
Even though booze flows freely in the offices of Detroit, we managed to add 113 HR
and 337 RBI to our lineup while also giving us flexibility at positions defensively.
We now can put out a lineup that features 4 players hitting 30+ HR with another
2 hitting 20+. Our pitching has always been good (4th last season in ERA in the
majors) so giving up one SP shouldn’t hurt us as we should be greatly improved on
the offensive side. We also managed to talk S12 save leader Bernard Townsend away
from a 4 year deal, which we would have let him walk if he insisted, instead inking
him to a one year deal to close out games again. We did trade away some young
players in an effort to make a strong push for the next few seasons but we feel this is
one of the best teams Detroit has put together.

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