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Season 11 - Trade Analysis Part One by tk21775

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Trade #1

Anaheim Receives: Dante Thompson

Huntington Receives: Julian Cortes, Darrell Guerrero, and Oswaldo Limon

Analysis: S11 in NCAA began a few days ago and it didn’t take long for the trading to begin. Some big names moved around and once again the most active team was the Huntington Thundering Herd. Owner hurricane384 pulled the trigger and sent 6 time MVP 1B Dante Thompson to the Anaheim Trojans in exchange for 19 year old P Oswaldo Limon, 23 year old P Darrell Guerrero, and 28 year old 2B Julian Cortes. Cortes will take over 2B at the majors for the Thundering Herd where he’s a lifetime .266 batting avg. and .977 fielding % at that position. Limon will begin at Low A to develop his splits and 2 solid pitches although control will be a factor for him at times. Guerrero was beginning to settle in at the High A level but recent reports has him jumping on a plane to a new destination. Anaheim will welcome Mr. Thompson and his 582 career HR’s, of which he has hit 43+ in each of this 10 seasons while driving in no less than 115 rbi’s as well. He’s under contract just for this season so we’ll have to wait to see if he is only a 1 yr. rental for the Trojans or if they’ll have a chance to resign him sometime this season.

Owner hurricane384 on why he traded a 6 time MVP: “It was damn near impossible to give up Thompson and his bat, but we were able to get 2 young pitching prospects that we really like, and Cortes who really helps to solidify the team defense without hurting too badly offensively. We took the money saved from trading Dante and used it to help sign Michael Maddux, so we won't experience too much of an offensive drop.”

Owner ajwalton on getting the 6 time MVP: “The Trojans are extremely excited to welcome perennial MVP candidate Dante Thompson. We gave up a good player in Cortes and a couple nice pitching prospects, but we believe Thompson's bat in the middle of the order improves a lineup that won 99 games last year.”

Trade #2

Huntington Receives: Mel Reed

Little Rock Receives: James Lee and Ray Hansen

Analysis: Little Rock becomes the next trading partner for the Huntington Thundering Herd, sending over 33 year old P Mel Reed in exchange for 34 year old CF James Lee and 28 year old P Ray Hansen. Hansen will join the Razorbacks bullpen where he has worked relief and closer positions. He brings a career 4.88 era to the mound and is only in his 1st year of arb. Lee looks to lock down the CF position for at least this season ($6.2m contract) with a lifetime .982 fielding % and hit for a solid .321 avg. last season while driving in 78 runs. Mel Reed will look to strengthen the Herd’s starting rotation as he went 11-8 with a 3.58 era last season for Austin and Little Rock.

Hurricane384 on his side of the trade: “Lee suffered a decline in range over the off-season which made him expendable as a CF. Reed will immediately become the ace of the staff and all the other rotation members to fit into their proper positions.”

Owner miggyt4 on the trade: “Little Rock needed a CF so they went out and got one via trade. Little Rock owner Miggyt4 said he was okay giving up Mel Reed who seems to have the potential to be a #1 or #2, but didn't really produce during his stay in Little Rock. Therefore, I was willing to give up Reed who is in the last year of his contract for Lee who although 34 is also in the last year of his contract. As an added bonus, we added another arm to our bullpen that provides depth to a strong group of arms that include Benji Cairo, Quinton Hamilton and Alex Lopez.”

Trade #3

Huntington Receives: Billy Rivers, Erubiel Ordaz, Matty Johnson

Charlotte Receives: Rich Perry, Javier Sanchez, and 5 million cash

Owner hopkinsheel and the Charlotte Tar Heels not only inked one deal but two with active manager hurricane384. The first deal sent $5.0M cash, 32 year old 2B Rich Perry and 24 year old P Javier Sanchez to Charlotte while 29 year old C Matty Johnson, 21 year old P Erubiel Ordaz and 24 year old RF Billy Rivers packed their bags for Huntington. Rivers will join the majors and provide a solid bat for the Herd while he’s still developing and Johnson will join him having spent the last 2 seasons for the Heels at the ML level. Ordaz will start out in AA to develop into a nice SP someday for the Herd. Perry brought his $11.4 contract with him, signed for S12 for $9.4M, and looks to bring power as well for the Heels. He’s hit 30+ the last 3 seasons and hit for a great .337 avg last season for Huntington. Sanchez will join him at the majors, looking to help at the back of the rotation or in the long relief role. He went 12-5 with a .341 era last season and won’t be arb eligible until S14.

Owner hopkinsheel on his move: “We’ve been trying to acquire Rich Perry since last season and was pleasantly surprised when Huntington told us he was officially on the market. It was not easy giving up Rivers or our bonus baby international Erubiel Ordaz , but that pain was alleviated some in also getting Sanchez who will help either in the rotation or as a 2-3 inning reliever to bridge the gap to our closer.”

Hurricane384 on this thoughts to the trade: “It became necessary to move Perry so that we could have financial flexibility for the next couple seasons and with the acquisition of Reed, Sanchez was expendable. We pick up a young power hitter in Rivers who can play either COF slot or slide into 2B. Ordaz is going to be a very good pitcher someday, and Johnson becomes the only catcher on the roster at this point.”

Trade #4

Charlotte Receives: Tommie Osbourne

Huntington Receives: Travis Hermansen

Analysis: The 2nd move by the same two ball clubs saw 2 1st round draft picks changing teams: 27 year old P Travis Hermansen getting dealt to Huntington while 19 year old P Tommie Osbourne starts in Charlotte. Hermansen was S3 22nd pick in the 1st round and has pitched the last 4 seasons at the majors for the Heels, compiling a 27-31 record with a 3.66 era. Osbourne was last year’s 17th pick in the 1st round and will start his tar Heels career at Low A where owner hopkinsheel hopes he develops pinpoint control with nice splits.

Owner hurricane384: “Hermanson gives us a pitcher who could be a starter, long reliever, or setup man and do any of those jobs without struggling at all. We hated to give up on Osbourne, but with the disappointment of making the playoffs only to be eliminated immediately, moves to make the pitching staff better had to be made.”

Owner hopkinsheel: “Travis was a first round pick for us several seasons ago and his career has somewhat been derailed by fluke injuries. He still has been pretty successful though, we just needed to make room for some younger guys. Getting Osbourne back was key as I was in talks with several teams for Hermansen, but I really wanted a decent SP prospect back.”

Trade #5

Fargo Receives: Dutch Burns

Charlotte Receives: Phil Nomura and $500k

Analysis: While waiting in line to speak with owner hurricane384 on the trading, owners mikejuggalo and hopkinsheel ended up striking a deal between their two teams. Fargo sends $0.5M cash and 26 year old CF Phil Nomura to Charlotte and gets 22 year old P Dutch Burns. Burns will start out in High A to develop his great control and vL although right handed batters will give him trouble. Speedy Nomura will make the Heel’s big league roster where he’ll be a threat on the bases and has solid splits but a low eye and contact.

Owner mikejuggalo on his deal: “The bison had to make room for some new blood, so whether Nomura was released or traded he was getting squeezed out. We were very happy to acquire Dutch Burns in return, he will be a decent pitcher someday in the ML...we hope.”

Hopkinsheel on why the move was made: “Not a huge deal, but one I believe will pay off. Nomura has a ring from last season and will bring some added veteran leadership to our young squad. I needed to find a top pinch runner who also wouldn’t be awful when the need came to spot start.”

Trade #6

Fargo Receives: David Cox

Huntington Receives: Nate Forster

Owner mikejuggalo finally got his turn with Huntington after Fargo and Charlotte signed on the dotted line, and Fargo received 31 year old P David Cox in exchange for 27 year old P Nate Forster. Forster will make the majors for the Herd, who have made many moves to help with their pitching. He’s got 3 solid, solid pitches to go along with avg. control and splits. He saw limited action for Fargo last year, going 2-2 in 4 starts with a 6.75 era in 26.2 innings. Cox will help with the Bison’s bullpen at the majors this season.

Owner hurricane384, whose arm looks visibly shaky from inking so many deals and writing quotes: “We were not happy with Cox’s performance last season. In addition to that, we needed starting pitching, and Forster will compete for a spot in the rotation while giving us the flexibility to have a staff that we can slide in and out as needed.”

Mikejaggalo on the move: “I needed another bullpen arm and he was just what we were lacking. He should fit in nicely here in Fargo.”

Trade #7

Richmond Receives: Jerome Leonard

Little Rock Receives: Chico Duran

The Little Rock Razorbacks sent 26 year old P Jerome Leonard to the Richmond Spiders to obtain 35 year old C Chico Duran. Duran comes with a 2 yr. $5M contract and a nice bat although he’s at the age where he’s starting to decline. Leonard will help out in the pen for the Spiders where he has tremendous splits against both lefties and righties with avg. control. He had a respectable 3.66 era in 64 innings of work last season.

Owner cmthieme on his side of the trade: “Chico needs to be in the AL as I just didn't feel comfortable putting his noodle arm behind the plate, and I needed bullpen help. This seems like a good fit for both teams.”

Miggyt4 speaks on the trade: “This was an easy decision for owner Miggyt4. He was not planning on bringing back Jerome after giving the Razorbacks 4 years of so-so pitching. Also, the Razorbacks were not planning on bringing back catcher Sergio Martin either so there was a hole at catcher that needed to be filled. Miggyt4 said he plans on using Chico more as a DH than a C. Welington Calderone will handle most of the catching duties due to his increased defensive abilities. Chico will bat DH and provide a day off to Calderone when it's needed. The only downside to this approach is in the case that Calderone is injured; Duran cannot take over catching duties for the remainder of the game. Miggyt4 said that's a risk we're willing to take.”

Trade #8

Philadelphia Receives: B.C. Polanco

Richmond Receives: Darrell Dyer

Analysis: To compensate for trading away Duran, the Richmond Spiders struck a deal with the Philadelphia Owls. The Spiders receive 31 year old C Darrell Dyer for 21 year old 2B B.C. Polanco. Polanco will start out in High A and looks to be a matter of time before he’s a recognized name in the majors for the Owls. Dyer is locked in for a 2 year, $5.2M paycheck where the Spiders are hoping for him to help out offensively as he’s hit 29 and 36 Hr’s in his last 2 seasons while driving in 80 and 121.

Owner cmthieme: "I needed a C and Dyer can mash. He's not great defensively but acceptable for me. I hate trading from an already barren minor league system but this was a chance to add a big bat at C that I couldn't pass up"

Owner jeanpaul22 on why the deal was made: “We're very happy with that trade, we like Dyer as a hitter but we have decide to change our approach as far as catching is concerned, we want a very good defensive catcher and Dyer is just average.
Polanco should be a very good defensive 2B with a good bat in a few seasons. Of course without that trade, Daisuke Suzuki wouldn't be in Philadelphia.”

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