Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Season 11 - NL North Prospect Report

Detroit, Columbus, and Iowa City were written by their respective owners. I did Dover's so they do not reflect his thoughts.

All of the player names are "clickable" to their player profile.

Detroit Wolverines

1. Eliezer Arrojo – Arrojo was obtained as an S8 International free-agent for $17.5M. He was a part of many trade proposals the last two seasons but I’ve been waiting to see what this guy can do in the majors. He’s got speed on the bases and what I hope will be the big bat the Wolverines have been searching for. Arrojo will be called up to the majors this season after the 20+ games to avoid going to arb sooner.

2. Harry Medrano – Medrano was drafted 23rd in S7 and might be called up this season if a few pitchers get traded yet. He’s an interesting pitcher as I’m pretty high on this guy with his great control and solid splits along with 1 great pitch and 3 avg. pitches but other owners have expressed that he’s not that great when involved in trade situations.

3. Tyson Seaver – Seaver was the Wolverines 1st round draft pick (20) in S5. He has spent the last two seasons at AAA and will probably spend this season as well down there. Eventually the Wolverines are looking at making him their CF at the big league level.

4. Chico Melo – Melo signed for $12.7M on the international market in S9. I don’t see him being ready for 3 more seasons but have him penciled in as my long-term SS once he gets there. Defensively he’s better than what I have but brings a bat to the position and has power.

5. Lynn Prior – Prior was the 44th pick in the 2nd round of S5 draft. Buster Wiggins is currently holding down the 3B position but when management gave him a contract extension this season they did so knowing that he’d be moving to RF to finish out his career. Prior will then take over for us at 3B where he’ll fit defensively for us.

Columbus Buckeyes

1. Chris Dawkins - Chris is going to be in the Buckeye rotation for a long time once he is ready. He projects to an 81 Overall. With a projected Stamina of 97, Control of 90, GB/FB of 82, good splits and 4 good pitches he has all. He completely dominated at High A last season and should zoom through AA to AAA this season. He could possible be a September call-up but will be on the ML roster for certain next season.

2. Jack Torre - Jack would be on the ML roster right now if there was a spot for him. He projects to an 85 Overall with a projected Contact of 73 and a Batting Eye of 97. He has decent but not exceptional power and high 60's splits. As a bonus he also has a Range of 81. He should hit close to .300 with a .400+ OBP and .800+ OPS. He is ready now and is just waiting for his chance.

3. Johnny Keagle -
Johnny is the power hitting catcher the big league team has been waiting for. He projects to a 70 Overall with a projected Contact of 76 and Power of 73. He has 60's splits and Batting Eye. He should be a 30+ HR, 30+ doubles hitter with a solid BA and OBP. His defensive skills are relatively weak but compared to many current ML catchers he should do fine. He is making the jump from Low A to AAA this season and may need part of another season to get ready. He will be on the roster sometime next season for sure.

4. Ivan Bonilla - Ivan has a great glove and arm but will likely be moved to 3B due to his range. He projects to an 84 Overall with slightly above average Contact, Power, and Eye. His splits are mid 70's. He will likely become a 20+ HR/40+ doubles hitter with a BA close to .300 and an OBP of 375+. Ivan still needs a couple seasons of growing and probably won't see the majors for about 3 years.

5. Julio Armas - Julio is already a 2-time All-Star and 2-time Silver Slugger in his young career. He projects to a 77 Overall with solid defensive skills and a strong bat. Last season in High A he hit for an impressive 1.027 OPS highlighted by 53 doubles. He could move through AA to AAA this season and be ready for the big show next season.

Iowa City Hawkeyes

1. Danny Smoltz - Projected ML debut- Season 13. Smoltz's defensive numbers might be a little low for a shortstop (84/82/79) if he reaches them, so he may end up being a Gold Glove 3B. Projected to have tremendous power and a great Batting Eye.

2. Gabe Price - Projected ML Debut- Season 12. Price has great COntact and power rankings, as wel as above average L/R splits. Should be a long time starter with a great Health Rating and Makeup.

3. Laynce Whiteside - Projected ML Debut- Season 13. Originally drafted as a starter, it doesnt look like Whiteside will have enough Stamina to be effective in that role. Should make for a dominant reliever with great L/R splits (65/73). If he can improve his control (currently 31) he has the pitches (95/75/81/73) to be dominant out of the pen.

4. Timothy White - Season 13. Has great splits and tremendous velocity (90), if he can stay healthy (56) he has the pitches (95/66/72) to be an effective closer.

5. Frankie Good - Season 12. Good has Awesome splits (76/84) to go with 2 plus pitches, Average Control (55) and low Velocity (51) keepo him from being a dominant closer.

Dover Fightin' Blue Hens

1. Albie Tejeda - Solid Prospect. Might be getting ready to be brought up in a few days as he looks ready. Won't be the best defensive 2B in the league, but should hit for a solid clip.

2. Earl Cradle - I wish his arms strength was a bit higher and then he'd be a really nice defensive SS who can hit a bit which isn't easy to find. His bat will stay make up for his glove enough to play him regularly. He certainly won't be a liability in the field. I'm guessing Season 13 as his debut.

3. Herm O'Shea - Wherever Herm ends up, he will make a ton of plus plays. It might be worth it to stick him in CF because his range may outweigh the errors he'll produce with his glove. Prototypical leadoff guy with great contact and speed.

4. Albert Crespo - Another guy that could be ready this season. Worst case next season. Two plus pitches in his 5 pitch repotoire to go along with his nice velocity will make him a solid middle inning reliever.

5. Dale Murphy - Not to be confused with the old Braves slugger. Currently on the inactive roster (avoiding the injury bug so he can get brought up in a couple days?), he should be a nice piece to the big league pitching staff sooner than later.

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