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Season 11 - NL South Prospect Report

All of the reports were submitted by team owners. Thanks guys!

All names are "clickable" to their player profile.

Richmond Spiders

As best as I can tell, I didn't inherit much in the way of prospects so this will be short and easy.

1. Bill Saipe

He's the only legitimate top prospect I have. Projects to be a very good bat at C. Not great defensively but should develop enough to stick behind the plate. Should debut in Season 12 or 13 depending if/when a spot opens.

There are no other legitimate top prospects as far as I can tell. These guys probably have a future of some kind in the big leagues, though it is undetermined when::

2. Jumbo Tejera - really good hitter but probably a DH, which means he won't help me in the NL. While he'll hit for great AVG and OBP, he has limited power, which is troublesome for a DH. Still, on the right team, he would fit in.

3. Brian Smith - If his defense develops properly he could be a decent starter at 2B. If not, he'll be a decent utility guy with speed at the least.

4. Brace Koch - It's unlikely his glove develops enough to stick at SS, which really limits his value. He's got enough versatility and power to eventually be on a big-league roster though.

This season's #4 overall draft pick will almost assuredly immediately become the top guy in the system. This franchise needs a few season to rebuild some depth.

Huntington Thundering Herd

Huntington's talent well within the system has dried up. The plethora of moves during the season saw to that.

1. Jeremy Livingstone - The crown jewel of the system, Livingstone is in line to be the closer on opening day of next season. He has the talent to be a premier closer. He will serve in the tandem rotation at AA to begin the season.

2. Clayton Carson - Lacks the greatest control, but Carson has the stuff to be a dominant pitcher at times. He had a shot at the closer job this season, but struggled in spring training. He could be a top-notch setup man for Livingstone next season. He starts the year in AAA.

3. Steve D'Amico - A very talented hitter, he does not have a set position. Doesn't have the range or glove to play OF, and he will struggle at 1st. Not good at calling pitches, so C is out. We will have to find someplace for him in 2 seasons or risk wasting his talent. D'Amico will ply his trade in AA this season.

4. Aramis Marichal - A 6-year FA signing, Marichal has talent, the question is whether there is enough time for him to develop that talent. He's got 3 "plus" pitches which makes a very intriguing talent. He'll begin at AA this season.

5. Eric Quinn - Lacks great control, but has good velocity and good pitches, so he has the potential to be a very good pitcher in the Bigs. He's got the potential to be a quality setup guy. Should have no problem cracking the bigs sometime this season. Will pitch at AAA.

Memphis Tigers

1. Hugh Bell
• Though some may question his heart and desire, Hugh is the Tigers best prospect. He shows promise with his ability to hit anything within 2 feet of the plate and hitting for average.
• Barring injuries, look for Bell to be called up at the end of the season and to be competing for a starting spot in season 12.

2. Phil Rapp
• The Tigers best pitching prospect, Phil possess a great attitude and work ethic. A groundball pitcher, Phil sports a good fastball and adequate off-speed pitches to keep hitters on their heels.
• Rapp looks to make a handful of starts in AAA before making his ML debut in the early part of this season.

3. Derrick Jerchower
• There is concern with Derrick’s makeup and ability to locate pitches, but he should develop into an effective groundball pitcher with two good and two decent pitches. Though not going to be an ace of the staff, Derrick could potentially contribute in the mid to bottom portion of a rotation.
• Jerchower is young and has a lot of maturing to do, he’s still 3-4 years or more away from walking in big boy shoes.

4. Rob Ojala
• Rob is an excellent base runner with good speed. He has the ability to make contact and lay down a bunt in a pinch. Despite obvious flaws, Rob is also very durable and a capable glove at several positions, making him valuable off bench .
• Ojala could find his way into the big leagues in a couple of years.

5. Esteban Sanchez
• Esteban, while not destined to be a ML starter, could make his way on to the ML roster as a long reliever. With his makeup, Esteban may have just enough in his arsenal to deliver a couple of innings.
• With the current state of the Tigers pitching staff, Sanchez could get a chance within the next couple of years.

Little Rock Razorbacks

1. Bill Perez - Bill was the 3rd overall pick in the Season 8 draft. He is a shutdown closer with great splits and good velocity. Owner miggty4 loves Bill because he's your typical fastball - change up pitcher. He switches speeds very well and keeps the batter off balance. He also has a slider that he will thrown on occasion. Owner miggyt4 expects Bill to be promoted to the ML club as soon as today. In his 4 seasons in the minor leagues so far, Bill has pitched 198 innings posting a 2.41 ERA with 231 Ks and 50 saves.

2. McKay Benes - McKay was the 14th overall pick in the Season 10 draft. McKay should make his ML debut sometime next season. At the age of 23, owner miggyt4 doesn't seem him progressing much more in the minor leagues. McKay has great control and is very good against right-handed batters. He also has above average velocity with 4 pretty good pitches. However, McKays' downside is that he isn't very durable and was injured often in college. Owner miggyt4 projects McKay to be more of a setup man for Perez in the near future.

3. Ignacio Peralta - Ignacio was the 57th overall pick in the Season 8 draft. Iganico has great speed to go along with a high contact rate. He has performed very well in the minor leagues so far posting a .335 batting average in 1183 ABs. Along with that, Ignacio has a career .435 OBP and 71 SBs. While owner miggyt4 doesn't project Ignaico as a starter at the ML level, he does see Iganico making the ML club in the next few seasons as a role player.

4. Russell Ward - Russell was the 95th overall pick in the Season 7 draft. Russell has awesome splits however his control is less than desired. During his 5 seasons in the minor leagues, Russell has posted a 4.91 ERA in 231 innings with 184 Ks. However, Russell also has 134 BBs. Owner miggyt4 says Russell is an interesting prospect because he is so good against batters on both side of the plate. However, his control gets him in trouble. Russell will definitely get a shot at the ML level, most likely next season.

5. Bobby Greer - Bobby was the 287th overall pick in the Season 7 draft. Bobby has put up good numbers in the minor leagues including 62 HRs, 335 RBIs and a .309 BA. In season 9 at the Low A level, Bobby hit 29 HRs and drove in 150. Bobby probably won't see the ML level for a few seasons due to the talent level of the ML team. However, he does have an outside chance of perhaps becoming a role player in the next few seasons.

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