Thursday, May 29, 2008

Amateur Draft Review - NL South

1-23 - Jose Rodriguez - Rodriguez looks like he'll be a decent reliever in the future. He has fantastic control, however his splits project to just slightly above average. Also, its always dicey taking a reliever in the first round since it seems to be one of the harder positions to predict success in from season to season.

2-71 - Hawk Tyner - Not sure how much Tyner will be able to contribute as his defensive skills aren't good enough to overcome his lack of hitting prowess. He might be able to find some time as a bench player who pinch runs and pinch hits against righties.
3-103 - Jim Acosta - Another guy who will probably top out best as a bench player and definitely is not a ML SS.

4-135 - Al Renteria - Nice value selection here as Renteria looks to be a better player than Acosta and possibly Tyner and was picked later. His glovoe rating is a little low for a SS, but he shows some nice pop for the position.

5-167 - Bingo Adkinson - Nice value here as well as he could possibly pitch in the bigs as a setup B type although his righty split is a tad low.

Impact: Mild. Picking in the bottom half of the first round is never easy, especially with the restrictions for a first season league as to how much we can invest. That being said, there isn't a player that pops out that you can point at and say will definitely be an impact big leaguer.


1-47 - Melvin Brock - Defensive SS that should be able to hit righties decently. Defensive SS's definitely have value but not sure its in the top 50 picks.

2-67 - Napoleon Anderson - Anderson will probably be able to make the bigs as a utility player, spot starter.

3-99 - Darrell Frank - Another choice where the owner might not mind the below average splits b\c the control an pitches are very solid.

4-131 - Jimmie Jimenez - Career minor leaguer

5-163 - Andrue Everett - Hasn't signed yet, but if he does he will be a very nice value selection for a fifth rounder. He is not someone you'd choose with one of your first couple picks, but considering its the 163rd selections, pretty solid hitter for the fifth round.

Impact: Mild. I think if this was a live draft that Memphis would have chosen someone else with their first selection. That couples with not having a first rounder makes this a mild impact draft for the Tigers.


1-20 - Bernie Hornsby - Hornsby has a very high overall rating to last to the 20th, but that stems from his ridiculous stamina rating. He has great control and slightly above average splits and a couple decent pitches. However, the pitchers chosen at 25th, 31st, and 32nd all could be better.

2-68 - Johnny Gagne - Although Gagne has very good splits and pitches, there is next to no chance he'll be any good on the ML level due to his not being able to hit water falling out of a boat control.

3-100 - Erv Garcia - Probably could be a very good defensive CFer as well as 2B.

4-132 - Antonio Huang - Career minor leaguer due to low splits.

5-164 - Kevin Walsh - Looks to be a better pitcher than Huang who was chosen a round earlier, but is probably still a career minor leaguer.

Impact: Mild. Hornsby could be a a decent back of the rotation pitcher, but thats probably all the Mustangs will see out of this draft.


1-21 - Mark Matthews - Didn't scout and hasn't signed

2-69 - Sean Durocher - Would be a solid CF prospect due to defensive skills and adequate offensive skills, but unfortunately it doesn't look like he is going to sign. Always risky choosing a guy like this with a high pick.

3-101 - Jerome Simmons - He'll probably end up signing after he increases his demands a smidge and will probably be a decent utility player in the bigs.

4-133 - Tony Colbert - Might be a decent 25th player on the roster as well. Would be better if his batting eye wasn't so bad.

5-165 - Jon Martin - Now this is a fantastic pick. Awesome hitter and average defensively for a catcher. I can't believe he lasted this long. The only reason I can think is b\c of his stamina which will mean he can only play in about 2\3 of the season at 100%. For some reason he hasn't been signed.

Impact: Mild. Martin is a really inspiring selection, but for some reason he hasn't been signed yet even though he is looking to sign for slot money. I can't see the first rounder, but since its in the 20's I don't think it would change the overall impact of the draft enough to warrant an increase.

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