Friday, May 30, 2008

Amateur Draft Review - AL North


1-29 - Walter Koch - Looks like another example of an overall rating being higher than it should due to stamina. Mid 40's righty split probably dooms him to long reliever if that. The pitchers that went 31 and 32 are much better prospects. (of course mikejuggalo might not have seen them) Probably would not have chosen Koch if this was a live draft.

2-77 - Gordon Johnson - Again, the righty split probably makes Johnson a career minor leaguer.

3-109 - Orlando Nunez - Splits probably make this guy a career minor league. However, since this is the third guy in a row chosen by Fargo with below average splits, maybe there is a method to the madness.

4-141 - Reid Gardner - Ditto

5-173 - Johnny Karl Ditto and add in average control.

Impact: Mild. I should just rewrite what I wrote about the third rounder. Personally I have never had success with below average splits, but I know some people don't mind and mikejuggalo is a fantastic owner so I'm thinking he knows what he is doing.


1-24 - Graham Post Solid closer prospect although it would be better if his righty split was a tad higher. However, he projects to perfect control and two very good pitches with awesome velocity. Another plus is that really high urability which will counteract the low stamina a bit.

2-72 - Jayson Langford - Langford is still playing SS in rookie league, but scouts are pretty much in agreement he'll need to be moved to 3B or a corner outfield position. Should hit a ton of homeruns with that power.

3-104 - Mule Stewart - Another nominee for the name hall of fame. Mule fell in the draft due to, at best, average control. Pitt will be hoping his above average splits\pitches will overcome the poor control.

4-136 - Bobby Ray DeRosa - Probably a career minor leaguer with that control.

5-168 - Benji Ferguson - Ditto above

Impact: Mild. The first two choices are solid if not spectacular. The last three pitchers all have control issues with only my man Mule having a shot at overcoming the bad control.


1-26 - Julian Ramirez - Ramirez projects at best to the back of the rotation type pitcher. His splits are only average and his control only slightly better than that.

1-40 - Alan Thompson - Another selection in the AL North where control is not giving as heavy a weight as others. Excellent pitches and solid splits will have to overcome the below par control.

2-60 - Mike Ray - I think the AL North teams all copies off each other. Ray is another pitcher for the below average split experiment.

2-74 - Rey McGlinchy See Mike Ray above

3-106 - Terry Morgan - Definitely a career minor leaguer. And he is kind of scary looking.

4-138 - Wiki Moreno - If he signs he will probably be a career minor leaguer.

5-170 - Trenidad Rivera - Actually is a nice selection for a fifth rounder. Could see some time in the bigs as a backup catcher possibly.

Impact: Mild. Portland had a lot of choices and I'm not sure they took advantage of them. Its not easy with the limits on scouting we can spend, but there were other choices in the same rounds that were better value. If Portland can somehow get these pitchers with below average splits and\or control to work than this will be a solid draft.


1-22 - Ed Boyd - It will be interesting to watch Boyd's development. He is overvalued due to his high stamina. n one hand he has a very nice lefty split, but it goes with a poor righty split. He throws really hard and has a couple above average pitches. Several pitchers went after him that are better prospects.

2-70 - Joel Harris - I think this is the 10th pitcher or so in the AL north that is very similar. The Cuse hopes great control and velocity balances out the mid 40's splits.

3-102 - Gabe Brow - See Joel Harris above

4-134 - Cookie Diaz - Solid pick fr a 4th rounder and might be a better prospect than the guys chosen in the second and third round because of higher splits although that low durability couples with the mid sixties stamina probably means he is a long\middle reliever.

5-166 - Yorrick Breen - Didn't scout and hasn't signed

Impact: Mild. This is the fourth of the four AL North teams and they all went heavy on pitching. On top of that a lot of the pitchers are similar. Like it was mentioned above, it will be interesting to see how the first round pick develops; that righty split scares me.

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