Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amateur Draft Review - NL East


1-1 - Michael Seay - I didn't scout him and he hasn't signed although by all accounts he is an unbelievable hitting prospect. I'm assuming he was the type that will end up just asking for more money and will eventually sign and not someone who "probably wont sign."

4-113 - Doug Kerr - Might eventually make the bigs as a power hitter, although he has a looong way to go. Might be more of a corner outfielder defensively as well.

5-145 - Angel Drew - Great name, but looks like a career minor leaguer.

Impact: Moderate. The Yellow Jackets get this grade totally based on how awesome I have heard Seay looks. They gave up their second and third rounders to sign players and although I can understand that since we are limited to the amount of money we can spend on HS and College Scouting, unfortunately for Atlanta it hasn't translated to on field success yet.


1-17 - Trenidad Rios - With projected power to 100, Rios should hit a lot of homeruns even though his splits are slightly below average. Also, some scouts feel he might be more of a corner outfielder defensively than a 3B.

1-46 - Alex Day - Day should hit a ton of homeruns as well, especially against lefties. He is also bolstered by a great batting eye. Solid choice as a compensation pick.

2-65 - Ernest Truby - Looks like Truby's overall is inflated by his high stamina. He shows decent control and some solid pitches, however some scouts feel his below average splits will hurt him in the long run. However, some ownres don't mind the below average splits and have success using them.

3-97 - Rich Barber - Doesn't look like Barber is going to sign.

4-129 - Norberto Moreno - Could see some time in the bigs as a defensive specialist backup catcher.

5 - 161 - Shooter Strokes - Didn't scout and hasn't signed.

Impact: Mild - I'm kind of torn on this draft. Part of me wants to push the impact to moderate because Rios and Day could hit a ton of homeruns for this team one day. However, their splits scare me except for Day against lefties. I could very well be proven wrong though.


1-16 - Vince Clemens - It will take a long time for Clemens to reach the bigs, but once he gets there he should be one of the better hitting catchers as long as you can live with average pitch calling (and I can)

2-64 - Sammy Guillen - Nice second round selection that projection to be a good middle f the rotation type pitcher unless his average health bites him and he needs to reach his projected control to fulfill his potential.

3-96 - Matty Johnson - An example of a pick that would not have occurred if this had been a live draft because Johnson isn't really needed with the selection of Clemens in the first round. That being said he is another good hitting catcher that is average defensively.

4-128 - Michael Webster - Power hitting first baseman and thats about it. Since he can't hit righties the most he'll probably provide is some power off the bench against lefties.

5-160 - Timo Brinkley - Best case scenario is he becomes a decent long reliever to eat some innings.

Impact: Mild\Moderate - Clemens and Guillen are both solid selections and barring health issues will be nice major leaguers. The other three guys are toss ups and Johnson definitely wasn't needed in the third round.


1-25 - Troy Simmons - Fantastic selection considering he was the 25 selection of the draft. Great control, good splits, and some really solid pitches will make him a very nice middle of the rotation starter. Mid sixties stamina will limit him to a 5\6inning starter.

2-73 - Jose Ramirez - Another really good selection and surprising he lasted all the way to the 73rd pick. He probably dropped due to his mid fifties stamina, but he will be a very good reliever, possible spot starter.

3-105 - Ricardo Infante - Infante's splits will probably limit him to a career minor leaguer, but again, some owners don't mind below average splits. Still, there have been other third rounders chosen that show more value.

4-137 - Ugueth Sanchez - The Cardinals are banking on the awesome power to overcome average splits and a poor eye. Not a bad selection for the fourth round at all.

5-169 - Mike Rogers - Probably a career minor leaguer.

Impact: Mild\Moderate - First two selections are really solid. Anther example of a team coming away with two ML pitching prospects in their first two picks. Last three picks all have flaws, but most teams choosing in the 3rd-5th round choose the same types. An interesting thing to note is that the 3-5 round picks all signed several days ago, however are still sitting unassigned.

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