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Season 20 - Amateur Draft First Round Review

Disclaimer - I have 0 in Advanced Scouting.  Where I could, I used my College and HS scouts ratings, but there are several guys I didn't scout so I did the best I could.  Hope everyone enjoys!

1. Seattle Huskies - Henderson Edwards

Big signing bonus for an amateur draft player, but worth every penny and then some. I think mongoose had a point.  Stop whining jcairns!  :-)  I've seen much worse #1 picks.  A better vR would have made Edwards a slam dunk #1 ace, but even without it, he is a top of the rotation SP prospect which is definitely worth the top pick in the draft.

jairns - The Seattle huskies are pleased with their selection of 
Henderson Edwards . We feel he will develop in our ace we have been looking for.

2. Chicago Blue Demons - Earl Croushore

I have personally never had a ton of success with SP with only 3 pitches, but that being said, I know many have and other than limiting his repotoire to3 pitches, the rest of his ratings are great SP material.  He looks to be the best SP prospect on the board once Edwards was gone.

arte - 
Earl Croushore has the potential to be a top of the order starter if he signs. Makeup is a concern but the Blue Demons need pitching and are willing to take the risk.

3. Boise Broncos - (Hasn't signed as of publish)

 The top positional prospect comes off the board at #3 to the Broncos.  I don't tihnk he'll develop enough defensively to play SS, but he is a great 3B prospect who combines a unique combo of power and speed which you rarely see.

abesmem - 
Boise is very happy getting Andrew Craig with the 3rd pick. We had him rated 2 overall. While he may not have the range to be a ML SS, he can be a great defensive 3B or Rightfielder. A 100 projected speed rating combined with above average contact, great power and solid splits (especially vs lefties), should make Craig solid offensive contributor across the board. Finally, he has great health and durability rating which will keep him the lineup regularly. It is possible he may start his pro career in Hi A ball.

4. Little Rock Razorbacks - Daryl Litsch

Litsch looks like a solid leadoff or #2 hitter.  Splits, Eye, and Speed are great, but his Contact and Power look average.  However, considering he will play 2B or CF makes his hitting skills even more valuable.

joekendall - We are really happy to add Litsch to the fold. We really struggled with who would be number one on our draft board, and just before it came time to pick we changed our pick from a SP to Litsch. He has tremendous upside and should be a cornerstone for years to come in either CF or 2B.

5. Arizona State Sun Devils - Howard Stevenson

Love this selection.  He'll hit a ton with a great OPS.  He's going to have to play a corner outfield or 1B, but his bat is so good, he deserves a spot in the top 5.

spistol - Pretty OK with all 3 of my first round picks, though not super thrilled. 
Howard Stevenson looks a lot better to my draft scouts than to my advance scouts. I'm hoping that, since the draft scouts get paid a little more, they're a little righter. Stevenson can mash, but he was a distant third on my list, so I'm a little bummed. But I've done worse. 

6. New York Red Storm - Brandon Dickerson

Really like this selection as well.  He is another player showing an interesting set of skills.  How often do you see a good 3B prospect who would do a great job batting leadoff.  Not sure I've seen one actually.

mamidu - I had him at #1 on my list. i couldn't see the top 3 selections, so I was very happy to see him available when we picked. Listed as a SS, but will play a very good 3B. I was looking for a CIF, and I got him. Splits are very good, with great contact and very solid power. Great speed with very good base running and high stamina. Will fit nicely in the #2 hole or hit lead-off if needed. Overall, I'm very happy with getting Dickerson at #6

7. Philadelphia Owls - (Hasn't signed as of publish) - Benji Guzman

Gusman will absolutely smash.  I think this is a great top 10 pick.  He is an elite hitter who can anchor the middle of the Owls lineup.  Very solid.

jeanpaul22 - We are very pleased by our first pick, he was 3rd on our list but selecting 7th and having the chance to get him is very fun. He should developped into a very good hitter from both side of the plate and hit for power too. Will he play LF or 1B? No matter, he's gonna hit the ball very well and that's what we were looking for.

8. Richmond Spiders - Ralph Small

This is the best 3B draft I've ever seen as Small comes off the board.  He won't play as good defensively as the others selected, but his bat will make up for it.  Worst case he can play COF, but his value would skyrocket if he can play 3B adequately.

cmthieme -  I couldn't see a few of the guys drafted before him, but Small was my #2-rated prospect, so I'm pretty happy to get him #8. My scouts project his bat to play anywhere, so he'll be a nice player no matter what. If he develops into an adequate 3B, then it will be icing on the cake.

9. Detroit Wolverines - Brutus Olmos

Wow, it could be yet another 3B!  He has the best chance of the 3B to develop enough to play SS, but will probably be pushed to either 2B or 3B. Solid bat.

tk21775 - The Wolverines have been stockpiling up on 3B prospects and once again landed one in this draft. While Olmos doesn't quite have the power we were hoping for, he'll be great against lefties and very solid again right handed pitchers; once on base he'll be able to provide some speed into the lineup. With the 3 players already in the minors that can handle 3B and RF, we'll penciling in Olmos at 2B depending on how high his range will get up to. At the 2B position I'll really like his bat there.

10. Memphis Tigers - (Hasn't signed as of publish)

mh17 - 
“Provided he decides to sign, we are pleased with our 1st round selection. Martin is a good control and groundball pitcher with two quality pitches. He should be a good middle to bottom of the rotation guy at the very least, but must develop his 3rd and 4th pitches if he wants to become above average.”

11. Syracuse Orange - Thurman Stark

We've probably come to the first pick in the draft where I think its a reach.  He is a good hitter, but at this point in the world's maturity you can find a good amount of guys similar at a pretty cheap rate.  He should end up as a nice piece to the puzzle, you just hope for me at this point. However, it could also not be a reach and the draft was just top heavy.  We shall see as we continue on. 

evil doers - 
The Orange are happy with the pick of Thurman Stark at pick #11. We look at him as our future left fielder for the school. We can see him as about a .260/30/100 guy when he plays everyday with the big team. Not only is he a fine player but he's a great young man as well. His mother Melissa Stark should be proud of him.

12. Columbus Buckeyes - Freddie Urich

If he develops, he'll be a Gold Glove level CF who can swing an average bat...not easy to come by.  Nice pick.

tdfactory - 
With CF Cesar Cerda nearing the end of his career and no replacement in the minors, Columbus was looking for a CF. Freddie Urich was the right choice at #12. While not an excellent fielding center, he is average and makes up for it with some pop in his bat. Team management feels he could average 25 HR's, 90 RBI's, 20 steals, and a .240 average and should be in the majors in 2 seasons.

13. Portland Ducks - Rick Bacsik

Bacsik is already 22 so hopefully he'll increase his ratings quickly because as of right now he's not ready.  If he develops correctly, he should be a good middle of the rotation SP.

sirius07 - 
Rick Bacsik is the kind of player that Portland was looking for this year. The Ducks was in need of more pitchers in their farm system. We are very proud of this pick.

14. Kansas City Wildcats - Harold K'aaihue

Really interesting selection.  If he develops into a SS, he is a huge steal because his power, vR, and Eye are great, although he apparently hates facing lefties.  Maybe he ends up being the 5th 3B selected in the top 14 picks.  I can't wait to see how he does with those lopsided splits.

llcc - My number one pick is Harold K'aaihue. He is a SS who will hit for power and a projected rating of 81.

15. Buffalo Bulls - Carlos Candelaria

Great value.  I think he could have gone in the top 10 and it would be defensible.  Really solid SP prospect with decent splits and a wide array of pitches.

jrooster35 - 
Carlos Candelaria pick #15 middle to back end of the rotation guy, scout has been fired after reading the reports he was only 2 grades away on every important category,

16. Dover Fightin' Blue Hens - Michael Rhodes

My HS scouts didn't scout him so I'm going off my 0 Adv Scouting, but right now he doesn't look ML quality because his splits are so low. However, his pitches look great so if my Adv scouts are off (probable) and his splits project higher then this could be a nice pick.

byers61 - 
With the 16th pick, Dover drafted P Michael Rhodes . He has exceptional control and four good pitches, but his splits are a little suspect. Hopefully a very good velocity will make up for that.

17. Oakland Golden Bears - Larry Inge

Really like this selection except for the big red flag, his health.  He probably would have gone a few picks higher if he wasn't injury prone.  Really good RP prospect.

z0601 - 
Larry Inge will be another fine addition to the Golden Bears bullpen in a few seasons. We were hoping to add some positional players in this seasons draft, but picking 17th, we were more than happy to get someone in the top 5 on our draft board. With another prospect being added to our already sizable depth in the bullpen, Oakland management is looking to maybe move a few players to secure more positional and starting pitcher help for the farm system. If Inge can make it past being trade bait, then we look for him to have a nice career here in Oakland.

18. Jackson Rebels - Adam Goodman

I personally have not had success with low control guys so I'm not a huge fan of Goodman's.  The Rebels will have to hope his other ratings can overcome "Wildman" Adam Goodman's control to become a valuable big leaguer.

iceman67 - 
Not overly thrilled with pick but Rebels' management feels it was a good enough pick within the placement of the drafting order. Management believes with his exceptional L/R splits, Adam Goodman will make the big leagues as a long reliever. For now, he will work his way up the through the minors as a starter to further his development.

19. Salem Beavers - Phillip Stephenson

I could cut and paste from the Rebels pick bove.  Stephenson's control doesn't look great which will hurt him.  Not sure he was worth a top 20 selection.

overeasy - 
The high school prospect pool felt a bit shallow this season. At #19, I would have hoped to have landed a better player than Stephenson, who at best is a 4/5 starter and at worst is a ML long reliever.

20. Charleston Cougars (Type A Replacement) - (Hasn't signed as of Publish)

dgtrache -  Charleston believes that Martis (should he sign) will develop into a very good middle reliever. While his stamina will not allow him to start, he has excellent control, decent splits and a couple of nice pitches

21. Iowa City Hawkeyes - Jed Larkin

Nice selection as we enter the latter third of the first round.  I really like relievers with these STA/DUR combo's.  Hopefully his vL can develop a bit higher than currently projected.  if it does, he'll be a steal.  If it doesn't, then its still good value.  Managed correctly, he can throw 90-100 innings.

tbone66 - 
Jed Larkin was my 1st round pick not bad for 21st overall but will only be a set-up guy in ml at best so not the greatest draft for me

22. Anaheim Trojans - Maicer Morales

Love this selection.  Fantastic value to get a good hitting catcher who is solid defensively so late in the draft.  He could have gone 10 picks higher and I wouldn't have batted an eye.  

vino5 - Maicer Morales was my first pick in the first round. He should be an above average hitter and adequate defensively. My highest rated catcher on the board so I was happy to grab him. Vinny James at 27 will be a solid reliever. I also picked 3 other guys in the supp round that all should see the majors provided they stay healthy.

23. Buffalo Bulls (Type A Replacement) - (Hasn't signed as of publish)

I think this is another really nice value selection.  Flair could develop into a good leadoff hitter and those aren't easy to find.  

24. Cincinnati Bearcats - A.J. Dunn

Very similar Rhodes at #16.  Just not sure his splits are ML quality, but my adv scouting could be discounting him.  His pitches look great.

allright - 
A.J. Dunn is a decent pick. If he continues to develop, he could contribute in the majors as a 4th or 5th starter who can eat some innings. The high schooler is raw and has some health issues. His splits are not good enough to make him a sure thing, even if his health holds up. The Bearcats put all of their scouting eggs in the high school basket this year; but, the Easter bunny never showed up.

25. Fargo Bison (Type A Replacement) - Jo-jo Grace

His stretch goal will be to become a back of the rotation type pitcher.  More likely a long reliever/spot starter or possibly AAAA material.

mikejuggalo - 
Jo-jo Grace will hopefully be a serviceable big league player at some point

26. Nashville Commodores - Jin-Che Hukata

Looks like a great pick here.  Solid SP who could develop into more.  Really nice choice this late in the draft.

cctigerfan - The Nashville Commodores selected 
Jin-Che Hukata in the first round of the draft. Hukata is a 5 pitch starter and with proper development should earn a role in the rotation in a few seasons.

27. Anaheim Trojans (Type A Replacement) - Vinny James

Control is a big quesiton mark with his other ratings coming across really solid.  Could be a guy who gives you a lights out season followed by a disaster...rinse and repeat because the limited amount of innings thrown each season.

28. Louisville Cardinals - Larry Lee

Nice pick this late in the first round.  Back of the rotation pitcher who in a lucky world could be a middle of the rotation.  One concern is his lefty split, if it doesn't develop then he may be relegated to long reliever or even AAAA status.

29. Charleston Cougars - (Hasn't signed as of publish)

dgtrache -  Charleston drafted John Rath in the hope that he will decline a contract and result in a Type D pick next year.

30. Fargo Bison - Del Cortez

Similar to the pitcher Fargo took at 25, but slightly less of a prospect. Worst case, with his splits he is probably going to be a career minor leaguer.  

mikejuggalo - 
Del Cortez hopefully he will progress enough to make it to the big leagues...not sure

31. Minnesota Golden Gophers -  (Hasn't signed as of publish)

32. Minnesota Golden Gophers (Type D) -  (Hasn't signed as of publish)

33. Charlotte Tar Heels - Darrell George

Always tough picking at the bottom of the draft, but hopefully snagged a guy in George who can be a solid bullpen arm one day.  Nothing special to write home about though.

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