Friday, March 15, 2013

Fantasy Draft - NCAA's #1 Picks

I did this around Season 10 where I ranked the first 10 #1 picks so decided to make another run at it since we've now reach 20.  (Time Flies!).  This is completely subjective and just for fun.  We all value players differently so this has my bias and beliefs baked into the rankings.  Also keep in mind that I'm trying to juggle what players have already done vs projecting what others will do.

1. Jack Daley - Season 8 - I went back and forth on the top slot between Daley and Seay.  I ended up going with Daley because I value an true ace SP higher than a great hitter, even one who is the best this world have ever seen. 

2. Michael Seay - Season 1 - My nemesis.  Boy did I hate facing Seay.  He is the best hitter this world has ever seen and will absolutely be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  

3. Trent Keefe - Season 11 - Off to a great start in his career.  Should rack up a lot of stats and is another example of an ace.  Exactly who you'd want to get at #1.

4. Willie Izturis - Season 12 - Pretty much exactly what I said about Keefe.

5. Jack Nicholas - Season 5 - Nicholas is a true 5 tool player.  Hits for great average and OBP while stealing bases and playing phenomenal defense.

6. Justin Crosby - Season 13 - One of the elite young hitter in the world.  Should break a lot of records.

7. Frieri Santiago - Season 15 - The first of several 3B on this list.  Its tough enough to find elite hitting, great fielding 3B, but Santiago also brings very elite contact and speed to the table.  Extremely rare for a 3B.

8. Franklin Cornelius - Season 17 - A little bit of a projection here.  Might end up being a few spots too high, but have high expectations for Cornelius.

9. Danny Smoltz - Season 10 - Elite power and a great defensive glove.  Anyone would love to have Smoltz anchoring their hot corner.

10. Miguel Barcelo - Season 4 - Barcelo has jumped around to several different teams, but wherever he has been, he has been their ace.  Really good career.

11. Ralph Mora - Season 7 - Mora is right there with Barcelo as an ace, but below the Daley's/Keefe's/Isturis' of the world.

12. Wes Cyr - Season 6 - Cyr is nearing the end of a really nice career.  Still has a few seasons left in him, but its twilight.  He has been a great player.

13. Mitchell Spencer - Season 3 - The unsung hero of the Orange Dynasty which stretched over 10+ seasons.  Great player especially when paired with Seay.

14. Henderson Edwards - Season 20 - Our most recent #1 will hopefully develop into a top of the rotation SP.

15. Douglas Lawrie - Season 19 - Last seasons' #1 looks to be on a similar track to several other 3B on this list.  He has the ability to be a gold glove 3B with a really nice bat.

16. Vic Escobar - Season 2 - Escobar's career is practically over.  I initially had him ranked much lower, but we can't ignore his career.  He has 180 wins now and a solid, if not spectacular, ERA and WHIP.  

17. Doug Treadway - Season 18 - Treadway should develop into an elite hitter.  The only reason he is this far down the list is he doesn't play a premium position, but also does not look to hit the level as Crosby or Cornelius, etc.

18. Red Callaway - Season 16 - Yet another 3B on this list.  Another guy with gold glove material, but his bat potential is lower than the other 3B here.  Having a solid rookie season with the Gophers. Might be the first guy you could argue didn't deserve to be a #1 pick.

19. Vic Keefe - Season 9 -  If Callaway wasn't the first, then Keefe is definitely the first guy to argue didn't deserve a #1 selection.  Doesn't have the greatest stats, but he also hasn't played on many great teams.  Solid middle of the rotation SP.

20. Carlos Martinez - Season 14 - Rinse and repeat the comment from Keefe above. He is off to a tough start in his ML career, but should end up being a solid #2/#3 SP.

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