Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gene Wise's Story by Sirius07

It all started when I, sirius07, joined NCAA for the first season. The Ducks were not bad at all, but something was missing. I did not have much experience at that time, but I known that having good pitchers would help in my stadium. So, before the season even starts, I was looking for an ace. I had some prospects to give.

Gene Wise was in the farm system of Las Vegas Runnin' Rebels who would becomes later the Helena Grizzlies. I was looking at him, and I knew that this guy was what I needed. So, the trade was made and it was a huge one.

I gave up David Cordero and Domingo Servet for Gene Wise, Steve Bevil, and Lawrence Hill.

Cordero might join Wise in the HoF with his 563 HR, 1466 RBI and 2057 after 14 seasons in the ML. He is still playing at 36 years old.

Servet is also a good candidate for the HoF. As today, he has 227 wins and an ERA of 3.04. Even with his 36 years old, he is still a great pitcher.

Wise had a great career, and still has the record for the most wins in one season, 24. Also, he has won 20+ games three times. He helped the Ducks all his career.

Bevil and Hill have never done what they were supposed to do. It might be a lack of judgment from me, but I had Wise in my team. If I remember well, the NL teams were happy to see him go to AL.

Seeing those results today make me think that it was not a good trade for me, but Gene Wise gave us some great seasons and this is what I was looking for.

Now, the Ducks are hoping to see him become a coach in the future. While Wise was aging, the Ducks drafted a young pitcher, Gary Frey, that might follow the path of Gene Wise. Only time will tell us.

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