Friday, November 4, 2011

Season 15 Free Agency Recap (Type A's and B's)

Below is my analysis of the Season 15 type A and B contracts handed out. I took into account age, stats, ratings, contract, etc. Hope you enjoy!


Erik Haynes - $35.8 million over 4 seasons. That is pretty much where I thought he'd end up. Its a great "risk" as Haynes has fantastic makeup so his decline will hopefully be delayed and also gradual. Good fielding 3B with a great bat are difficult to find. Memphis also didn't lose their 1st round pick because its protected.

Little Rock

Mitch Carter - $15 million over 3 seasons. I really like this signing and love the de-escalating contract so the Razorbacks will be paying more early for better production. Also like that the contract ends at 3 seasons because past that he should be in major decline. Nice value.

Dwight Dempster - 11.6 Million over 2 seasons. Mutual option in this contract was key because Dempster is 37 and could fall off the map after this season ratings-wise. He is still a decent SP to throw out there at least or this season.

Joaquin Nunez - $110 million over 5 seasons. The biggest FA signing of the season and I believe the largest in world history. Nunez is the top pitcher in the world and has to rank as one of the top pitchers in HBD. He has very good makeup so hopefully his decline won't happen until late into the contract. Little Rock is remaking their roster big time. The National League is also breathing a sigh of relief...have fun with him AL!

Harry Moya - $13.6 Millions over 3 seasons. Might get a little hairy in the last season of the contract, but should be a solid ROI over the first couple seasons. Another nice bullpen piece for Little Rock. The Razorback fans couldn't be happier looking at their new and improved team.

Alex Rivera - $4.6 Millions over 2 seasons. Decent reliever who will slot in as a setup guy, probably setup B. Mutual option was attached to decline in case he doesn't live up to the contract in the first season. Smart move.


Ron Montgomery - $8 million over 2 seasons. I have a soft place in my heart for Montgomery as I drafted him, developed him, and had some good seasons with him. He has a great bat. Will be interesting to see if ajwalton uses him as a C or DH. AJ should not have a problem getting an ROI on this deal.


Tomas Navarro - $23.7 million over 4 seasons. This is the first contract I'm not a huge fan of. His production just doesn't seem to merit this type of deal. However, Nashville made the World Series last year and cctigerfan has been pretty savvy so maybe he sees something I don't. He must have targeted this position as something to get them over the hump.


Joe Newfield - $13 million over 2 seasons. 2 season contract, I like it. For a 35 year old it would be been very risky to go higher than that. Obviously the new owner in Salem targeted SP as a major need and has moved quickly to fill it with some stop gap FA to keep them in the playoff hunt. Daddiothree will need Newfield to return to form as he was used sparingly last season.

Ebenezer Woodson - $18.75 million over 3 seasons. Another SP to settle down the rotation in Salem. Woodson hasn't been spectacular in his career but could be a decent middle of the rotation piece. But should a "decent middle of the rotation piece" be paid so well. Time will tell...


Miguel Concepcion - $58.25 Million over 5 seasons. Concepcion gets paid! Louisville is obviously moving aggressively as the GM has been put on probation by the owners and needs to hit 70 wins to retain his GM role. Good fielding, good hitting CFers are hard to come by so this could be money well spent as long as he is able to play CF. Since he is a lefty, once he starts declining, this contract could become an albatross.

Jumbo Jimenez - $17.4 Million over 3 seasons. His stats definitely are worth the contract, but it seems like he may be playing a bit over his head. At the same time, he has been very consistent so maybe he isn't. Solid pickup.


Don Holt - $5.4 Million for 1 season. Holt is clearly just a stopgap for this season to eat some innings. His production has been sub par the last few seasons, but that could change in Detroit's pitcher park. He didn't deserve to be a type B because of production, but his ratings won out.


Dave Ramsay - $4.2 Million for 1 season. I love this signing, but I am also a sucker for picking up "legends" on the downside of their career who still have a little bit left in the tank and it looks like Ramsay could be a steal here for one season at that price.

Adam Seneca - $103 million over 5 seasons. The second richest contract in HBD history was handed out. Red Raiders fans rejoiced that their star will be in Texas for another 5 seasons. One of the best pure hitters in NCAA, Seneca deserves this contract.


Ben Jackson - $27.6 Million over 4 seasons. Seems like a lot to pay for a guy that doesn't hit too much. Might be worth it if he could play SS, but would probably be below average there and definitely will be once he starts declining.

Merv Witt 0 $9.6 Million over 2 seasons. I like this deal a lot more than Jackson for Oakland. Witt was stellar with the Heels in a setup role and may get a chance to close for the Bears.. Very good reliever when utilized correctly.

Ichiro Kwon - $2.9 Million over 1 season. Low risk signing here as Kwon will so a serviceable job at catcher for the Golden Bears. Don't expect anything crazy either.

Iowa City

James Hernandez - $28 million over 4 seasons. Another contract that seems a bit pricey. He is barely going to be acceptable at CF and then will have to be moved to 2B.

Pablo Estrada - $26.4 Million over 4 season. This contract makes me scratch my head a little bit as well. What is his position? He makes a good amount of errors and minus plays at SS so I'm guessing CF or 2B? Does he hit enough for that kind of coin?


Turner Evans - $31.4 MIllion over 4 seasons. Evans got paid! The Boise GM must have targeted SP as a need behind his two aces. After making the playoffs for the first time in team history, abesmem is capitalizing on the momentum. Still seems like a lot to shell out for Evans, but it looks like other were bidding on him as well.


Bo Clark - $4.4 million over 1 season. I like this deal. Nice stopgap relieve for one season who gets the job done at a good price. Should fit in well in Philly. If he doesn't, then he'll get batteries thrown at him. No big deal.

Trent Clark - 5.8 Millions over 2 seasons. This contract would make a bit more sense if the Owls could have attached a mutual or team option. Clark should be able to produce enough for the contract to make sense in the first season, but since he is already 35, his decline might be significant by next season. Still, its not a ton of money to be stuck with if that happens.


Max Peterson - $8.6 Million over 2 seasons. The Cougars swoop in and sign Peterson after his price drops a good amount because no one was interested. Peterson is an interesting case because his ratings suggest he should have produced more. Maybe a change of scenery is what was needed for him.

Michael Sutton - $50.5 Million over 5 seasons. Very rich contract awarded to Sutton who was head and shoulders above the rest of the relief pitching free agents out there. A long term deal for a 32 year old is always worrisome, but he has unbelievable makeup rating so his decline should be gradual especially considering the Cougars wisely invsted the max in training.


Kimera Quinn - $5.8 Million over 2 seasons. Not much to see here. Quinn is a decent player who will fill out a roster at a cheap price. The Spiders negotiated in a mutual option so they can cut bait next season if the contract doesn't make sense anymore. He shold produce enough to live up to the deal.


Darren Caminiti - $3.1 Million over 1 season. Nice little contract for a solid reliever to help the Herd stay competitive as they officially enter a rebuilding cycle.


Justin Ward - $2.5 Million over 1 season. Very similar player and contract to Caminiti although his performance has declined the last couple seasons. Low risk, low reward.


Ben Brown - $4.2 Million over 2 seasons. The Orange are on record as being frustrated at not finding a decent player for their last bit of cash and apparently decided to throw some at Brown. The second season is a little perplexing as his decline is already evident. Not a lot of money to be tied up in one player, but doubtful he'll live up to even that amount by next season.

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