Monday, November 7, 2011

The Joaquin Nunez Trade: A Look Back

From Arizona's Perpective...

As you remember the Nunez deal created quite a bit of chatter. Some people were upset. Now that the dust has settled I have compiled a recap for posterity.

ARI - had nunez originally, he wouldn't resign, they weren't wining the WS that season
- traded him to DET for 2 former first rounders (18th and 23rd)

DET - traded two first rounders for nunez
- won a WS ring
- received a sandwich pick and a 5th rounder (50th and 163rd) for type A compensation

LRR - signed nunez to a max deal
- forfeited a later round pick

wrapup: Arizona did well comparing what they got to what DET got ( two first rounders instead of a sandwich and a later rounder). good deal

Detroit won the WS in exchange for two former first rounders
. worth it!

The final point of interest was whether ARI could have gotten more for Nunez. From the shopping I did noone was willing to trade a top prospect for a half season rental on Nunez so I went with the two first rounder offer. I doubt I could have gotten more for him.

From Detroit's Perpective...

Easy trade for us to make given our playoff appearances the past few seasons. We inquired about him and was surprised when they agreed to talk about him. Obviously there was some owners not too happy with the trade but we gave up two 1st round picks for 1/2 season with Nunez. He was a major factor in us winning the world series so yes, I'd do the trade again. Not happy with only receiving a supplemental and later round pick for him but that was the risk of the trade and Arizona should be happy with two 1st rounders now that they see what I'm getting. Win win for both teams after seeing how it all worked out in my opinion.

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