Friday, November 9, 2012

Season Previews - Batch 4

Iowa City Hawkeyes

After having a magical season finally making the playoffs this tough Iowa City team is looking to take the next step. After signing some key players last season to give support to McCallum and Crosby this season's focus is on pitching. With the better play behind them my pitching staff had good numbers last season although their stats are a little inflated because of the fielding help, so I have replaced some starters and long relief in hopes to find new spirit with the pitching. Bringing on veteran Pitcher Al Valdes my hopes that with a couple more trades and this pitching staff will be complete and we will be ready to compete not only to get to the playoffs but to make a long run in the playoffs.

Little Rock Razorbacks

Key Additions: Roger Herndon, Jose Gandarilla, Fausto Gimenez
Key Departures: Geraldo Arias, Brandon Gragg, Miguel Barcelo
Key Rookies: Franklin Cornelius

Little Rock has a plan that we have been carrying out and will continue to do so. We are trying to build up a dynasty and are taking steps each season to continue to move toward that goal. We hope to improve on our win total again this year. We are probably a season or two at least away from the playoffs.

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