Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Career Record Changes after Season 12

Career Records - Pitching

Wins - Hawk Wagner is now the all time leader in wins with 192!

ERA and WHIP - Joaquin Nunez decreases his ridiculous career ERA to 2.27 and career WHIP to 1.01.

Strikeout's - Otis Damon increases his career total to 2,342

Saves - Bernard Townsend gets to 419 saves after a great season.

Career Records - Hitting

Average - Ned French claims the top spot replacing Enrique Sojo.

Home Run's - Dante Thompson increases his total to 661, but it looks like only a matter of time before Michael Seay catches him.

RBI's - Dante Thompson now at 1,732.

Hits - Dante Thompson now at 2,214.

Stolen Bases - Rob Allen increases his total to 707.

Career Records - Fielding

Assists - No Change

Good Plays - No Chance

Catcher ERA - Olmedo Lorenzo is the new career leader with a sterling 3.34 Catcher ERA.

Runners CS % - No Change

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