Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Season 12 - AL West Divisional Preview

My Take: Salem and Anaheim are the class of the AL and I don't see that changing this season. Very similar to the NL east with Syracuse and Charlotte, there is a chance these two teams could have the top two records in the AL, but only one will get a bye. Seattle embarked on "tear it completely down" rebuild project last season and that continues this season and probably for a couple more. Oakland is under new management as the former Iowa City owner takes over and will hopefully get this franchise going in the right direction after several different owners the last few seasons.

1. Salem Beavers
2. Anaheim Trojans
3. Seattle Huskies
4. Oakland Golden Bears

Seattle Huskies

Seattle raised some eyebrows in season 11 by changing the face of the franchise and trading four all-star mainstays for nine, very young prospects who are already providing visible returns.

Division foes, the LA Angels, cemented their World Series claim for season 11 by obtaining future Cy Young winner Miguel Barcelo (17-9) for ROY Carlos Soriano (20-10, 2.82, 1.13), spot starter Angel Trevino (9-1, 3.06, 1.23) and future setup man Al Bonilla. 2B Tyson Seaver also debuted and showed that he belongs on the big club.

Making the ML squad for opening day is the much sought after C Bill Saipe with 1B Homer Bush, 3B Achilles Harper and SP Howie Hawkins likely midseason call-ups. IF Coco Laroche is on the radar for future seasons.

The Huskies gave up a great deal of mature talent but filled a lot of holes for many seasons to come.

Salem Beavers

Reluctantly sent down Kid Torre to try and get more ABs for Chip Leonard. Hoping to bring up Olmedo Acosta. Lost Octavio Rivera , Shawn Walker and Wes Thomas. Added FA Jared Strickland , Doc Hyers and Vinny Shigetoshi

Anaheim Trojans

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Oakland Golden Bears

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