Friday, September 10, 2010

Season 10 - NL Power Rankings (halfway through the season)

NL Power Rankings to represent the NL in the World Series.

-Rankings are based on expected win pct (run differential), standings, and stats.

Please, please, pleaseeeeeee don’t take this seriously. This is purely for fun and is just to make this blog better.

Please also keep in mind that this is a brand new segment that I'm sure will go under several revisions. This is strictly for entertainment value and to promote discussion and debate.

The AL Rankings are on the way. The AL clearly has more elite teams than the NL. The NL pretty much has Syracuse.

1. Syracuse Orange – One of the top NL teams from the past few seasons is off to another awesome start with a winning streak of 14 earlier in the season and currently on a 10 game streak. The Orange are in the top ten in key categories in pitching, hitting, and fielding. Currently hold the NL East lead by a huge 11 games.

Contenders (Chance of making the playoffs and better chance of going deep in the playoffs)

2. Kansas City Wildcats – Currently leading the NL West by a healthy 7 games. No other NL West team is currently over .500 though so they are sitting pretty right now. The Wildcats strength is their pitching, but it would help if their field improved behind them which would make their pitching even more formidable.

3. Charlotte Tar Heels – The Tar Heels weren’t expecting to contend for another season, but once they saw they were in the race they made a couple moves to solidify their playoff chances. The Heels are currently above average in the three main categories, but do not excel in anything.

4. Memphis Tigers – Memphis is riding their hitting to their lead in the NL South, but are currently in a three way tussle with Texas and Huntington. Maybe some moves for some pitching or defense is on the horizon?

5. Texas Mustangs – The Mustangs are one of the top hitting teams in NCAA and their goal is to outslug their opponents every time they take the field.

6. Huntington Thundering Herd – Great hitting team but bottom of the barrel pitching wise. Hurricane is usually one of the most active traders so could a trade for some pitching be just around the corner?

Pretenders (Chance of making the playoffs and everything would have to go perfectly to go deep in the playoffs)

7. Detroit Wolverines – Someone has to win the NL North and it will either be the Wolverines or the Blue Hens, but unlike in seasons past, that winner looks to be the lone playoff participant this season. The Wolverines are currently playing approx 100 pct points above their expected win pct which is thanks to their 18-8 in one run games. That can’t last forever…can it?

8. Dover Fightin Blue Hens – The Blue Hens are one of the top fielding teams in the world, but need to improve the other facets of their game to move up in the power poll.

9. Buffalo Bulls – jpveronn is on record as saying its playoffs or bust and the Bulls have been scrappy, but they are barely keeping their heads above water right now. They just made a move to shore up their bullpen so we’ll see if that helps them get over the hump.

Is it next season yet?

10. Arizona Sun Devils – 5 straight seasons of making the world series and it looks like the party I over. Does Arizona need to enter a full time rebuild mode or does ownership feel this is just a blip on the radar?
11. Columbus Buckeyes
12. Boise Broncos
13. Louisville Cardinals
14. Helena Grizzlies
15. Austin Longhorns
16. Iowa City Hawkeyes

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