Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NL East Divisional Preview


1. Syracuse Orange
2. Scranton Nittany Lions
3. Charlotte Tar Heels
4. Buffalo Bulls

Best Starting Pitcher: Pasqual Navarre (Syracuse Orange)

Best Hitter: Michael Seay (Syracuse Orange)

Rookie to make an impact: Kevin Ryu (Scranton) and Roger Herndon (Charlotte)

Starting Rotation: Syracuse Orange

Bullpen: Charlotte Tar Heels, Syracuse Orange, Scranton Nittany Lions (tie)

Lineup: Syracuse Orange

Defense: Syracuse Orange

Key Players Added:

Key Players Lost:

Key Transactions – re-signed Brian Inouoe who is one of the top defensive catchers in the game.

Rookies: The top prospect Harry Guillen(P) will begin the season in the big league. The AAA young catcher Pasqual Castillo and the AA Oswaldo Tejada (S) have an amazing spring traning camp. We will not surprise to see them with big team next year.

Key Players Added: Added Pedro Ramirez to take the Gibbons place in the Starting Rotation. Also added Joshua Becker to upgrade at CF and Cristobal Delgado to platoon at SS.

Key Players Lost: The Heels traded away two key players in Pat Gibbons and Darrel Dyer in their continued quest to rebuild the team. It was a classic case of short term pain for long term gain as The heels acquired two very good SP prospects.

Key Transactions: Signed Vin Horton and Manny Bedard to long term deals.

Rookies: Matty Johnson and Ron Montgomery have already been promoted to platoon at Catcher. Abraham Fox looks to upgrade the defense big time at 3B which was a huge liability last season. Roger Herndon looks to be promoted this season to take over the 2B and leadoff spot.

Outlook: .500 is the goal for this season after falling just short last season. The Heels could possibly do better if they weren’t in an extremely tough division.

Key Players Added: C Bonk McCartney, SS Tony Paniagua, LF Steven Foster, CF Jumbo Jimenez

Key Players Lost: 3B Terrance Washington, SP Red Lofton, SP Dusty Johnstone

Rookies: RP John MacDougal, RP Cristobol Guerrero, RP Andrea Clark, RP Albert Bautista, RP Albert Amezaga, SP Al Flores, SP Kevin Ryu

Outlook from Owner ea162: While becoming a fixture in the playoffs the last 3 seasons, this year the Nittany Lions look to grab a division title with the defensive improvements made at SS and CF. Flexibility in the lineup will be key as 3B Carl Harris and 2B Steve Pulsipher recover from injuries early on, but with new addition Steven Foster providing a solid bat off the bench there should be no worries about the trading away of 3B Terrance Washington. The Nittany Lions also traded away 2 SP’s to make for up and comers Al Flores and Kevin Ryu, which helped provide financial flexibility while also bringing back some prospects in off-season trades which should position Scranton for continued success beyond this season.

Key Players Added: Added RF Leadoff Man Rob Allen. Looking for a better OBP at top of order. Allen will lead off Vs Righties.
Added CF: Joaquin Ortiz. Ortiz was a late season call up that actually made the post season roster and played well. He was a Gold Glove minor league CFer and will lead off vs Lefties.

Key Players Lost: Backups Matt Wilson, Robert Gallagher and Jack Scanlan. RF backup R. J, Vargas hurt during early spring training. Expected back at about the 1/3 mark.

Key Transactions: Signed 2b Garrett Parris to long term deal.

Rookies: The previously mentioned Joaquin Ortiz CF. Still deciding on another OFer until Vargas returns (either Trinidad Rios or Doug Kerr.) Mule Wells is trying to win a long reliever role in spring training.

Other: The Orange are also toying with the idea of moving Roosevelt Loux to closer. No decision has been made here.

Outlook from Owner evil doers: The Orange will be good.

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