Monday, December 15, 2008

Season 3 - Amateur Draft - First Round Review

Here is a review of the first round of the amateur draft. Please keep in mind that my advanced scouting budget is 18 mil. Also this is just for fun and should not be looked at as an attack on anyone for their choices. Please discuss!

1. Montgomery - Mitchell Spencer - Hasn't signed but he will. The only question is if he will raise his demands. He is a very solid #1 pick. Great hitter, speed. The only question is if he is truly a SS. The Crimson Tide can get away with him playing there due to his bat, but he will only be average at best as a SS. I bet every time there is a new cycle, mikesons eagerly looks to see if Spencer signed.

2. Los Angeles - Jake Randolph - Very nice pitching prospect. Scouts can't really find anything wrong with him as he is solid to very good across the board. The only question be raised is his mediocre health rating which is kind of scary in a #2 pick.

3. Salem - Bill Morton - I should just copy and paste what I wrote for Randolph. Morton is a fantastic prospect. The Beavers are hoping they can get away with the ~40 rated glove in right field. Also, his health probably scares jarazix every once in awhile.

4. Seattle - Larry Miller - Miller is a guy that probably should have gone a bit later in the first round. He is definitely first round material, but I'm not sure those splits make for a top 4 pick.

5. Arizona - Buddy Buckley - Beast of a hitter, but that glove probably makes him more of a corner OFer or 1B. Higher splits would have been nice as well, but he should do very well.

6. Syracuse - Frank Jenkins - Probably the steal of the draft so far. I'm sure the Orange were ecstatic that Jenkins dropped to him. He projects to be an absolute terror of a hitter and paired with former #1 pick Michael Seay they will make a dynamic duo in the middle of the lineup.

7. Philadelphia - Miller Kotsay - Wow, another fantastic pick. this draft is shaping up to be loaded. Another great hitter, that may possibly be playing out of position as a second basemen right now.

8. Buffalo - Cyrus Connelly - A bit of a reach as a topp eight pick due to such a lack of power. He should end up being a decent leadoff hitter, but the Bulls were probably hoping to get something more out of this pick.

9. Austin - Terry Clayton - Overall rating is inflated due to that stamina. Clayton will probably be a middle of the rotation type player due to his splits.

10. Jacksonville - Jeff Donovan - Pretty much the exact same player as Clayton. Projects to middle of the rotation. Better players were chosen later in the first round.

11. Columbus - Joshua Hall - Hall dropped due to not being able to hit lefties very well, but he should do well enough for the Buckeyes. This is another hitter that has some speed as well. there have been a few so far.

12. Detroit - Artie Hinch - The big question on Hinch is whether or not he can hit those split projections since he is already 22. If he does, then he is a steal, but worst case he'll be a nice starter for the Wolverines.

13. Texas - Matthew Davis - Well Davis signed ten days ago but is still unassigned. "Put me in coach, I wannnna play, today." Not sure where he fits in. His defense isn't good enough to play regular SS and his bat doesn't look strong enough for a corner OF or IF slot. Question Mark pick.

14. Cincinnati - Shane O'Brien - Hasn't signed and doesn't look like he will. Always risky to select a guy like this in the first round.

15. Memphis - Nate Forster - Another example of a stamina rating boosting the overall number much higher than it should be. Probably won't be more than a back of the rotation type do to average control and splits.

16. Kansas City - Clay Hausmann - Fantastic selection and a guy the Heels were hoping would somehow drop to them. Those are some fantastic splits, not to mention the stellar control and a few nice pitches. Always nice to see such a great health rating as well. Steal of the draft other than Syracuse's choice.

17. Iowa City - Haywood Young - Another great selection and a lot like Hausmann who was chosen right before. The Hawkeyes must be happy to have gotten Young here.

18. Charleston - Patrick Lamb - Lockdown closer of the future? Looks like Lamb could throw 150 innings in relief. if his control was a little bit higher this would be even better.

19. Louisville - Al Flores - Can't go wrong with a solid starting pitching selection as we get into the latter half of the first round. Solid selection for the Cardinals.

20. Atlanta - Micah Whitehall - See #14 Shane O'Brien

21. New York - Hector Guerrero - Standard if not spectacular selection. Guerrero should be a nice everyday piece in the ML lineup eventually. Not sure he is a 2B though considering that glove rating.

22. Charlotte - Travis Hermansen - I should let someone else analyze this pick. For the most part the Heels are ecstatic that Hermansen fell to them. They love the splits, however the health rating is a little scary. At this point in the draft, i think its okay to take chances on that for players you really like.

23. Fargo - Phil Nomura - Will be interesting to see how he does with those batting ratings. Probably would make more sense as a CFer as it seems to be easier to find better hitting 2B who can still field. Not so much in CF.

24. Chicago - Bernard Burkhart - Bernard absolutely loves facing lefties. Should be a solid everyday 3B. Very nice fielding ratings for a 3B as well.

25. Pittsburgh - Nick Robinson - Does Nick Robinson ever throw balls? He projects to a perfect 100 in control for some scouts. better splits would have been nice, but then he probably would have been picked higher.

26. Honolulu - Shawn Beaulac - The Warriors are hoping his stellar control and a couple great pitches can overcome that average righty split. He should end up being a nice middle to back of the rotation starter. Can't be too upset with that as teams start picking this late.

27. New Orleans - Carl Rossy - Pitcher #4 that has an overall number much higher because of stamina. That control rating is scary as some owners feel that MLers should have control 60+ at a minimum.

28. Portland - Cecil Bradford - Nice third baseman who probably will enver be anything spectacular, but could do some damage in the ML eventually.

29. Chicago - Billy Ray Yates - Getting to the point in the draft where all players have warts. Yates are his lefty split and only one above average pitch. Back of the rotation or Long Reliever type guy.

30. Las Vegas - Burt Adams - Adams will probably have to be moved due to his sub par fielding ratings, but also, most teams like a little more pop in their corner infielders. Might end up being a utility guy.

31. Oakland - Bo Clark - Very solid selection this late as Clark has a bright future as a short reliever. Great value at #31.

32. Florida - Scot Hunt - Solid value at #32 although that sub 50 health rating is tough to swallow. Slick fielding SS with a little bit of a bat is a nice find as the first round draws to a close.

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