Monday, June 9, 2008

Amateur Draft Review - AL West

Los Angeles Bruins

1-14 - Dick Bailey - Will be an absolute steal at 14 IF his control reaches near his projections. His stamina obviously incrases is OVR, but lots of people were surprised he fell this far. Will be a top f the rotation pitcher if he reaches projections.

1-38 - Joaquin Almanzar - Definitely not a SS at the ML level, but still a slid pick. Has the bat to produce well as a 3B or corner outfielder.

2-49 - Marcus Perez - Decent pick. Again, has a good bat, but his batting eye is below par. Some owners don't care about BE and others do. Will be fun to see how he does.

2-62 - Daryl Smith - With those splits is almost certainly a career minor leaguer. Could have gotten much more value here.

3-94 - Anthony Hines - Didn't scout and hasn't signed

4-126 - Junior Palmeiro - Career minor leaguer

5-158 - Vinny Glover - Not a bad selection at all for a fifth rounder. The Bruins rolling the dice to see if his excellent power can overcome those splits.

Impact: Mild\Moderate - If the Bruins had added one more solid guy, this definitely would have been a Moderate Impact class. Bailey is a steal at 14 and the next two picks are solid if not spectacular.

Oakland Cardinal

1-7 - Luis Santana - Nice selection and should be a really good #2 starter in the league for many years.

1-28 - Al Gomez - Not a huge fan of this pick strictly because of that righty split which probably means he won't be very effective. Definitely a reach.

1-36 - Karim Ramirez - On the other hand, I really like this pick. Will be very interesting to see if his control and splits can overcome two average at best pitches. Probably will need to be pared with a high PC catcher.

3-87 - Brian Pagnozzi - Hasn't signed and doesn't look like Oakland is going to give him the money he wants. Probably a good idea, as he doesn't look like he would be worth the investment.

4-119 - Scot Moore - Hasn't signed and I didn't scout.

5-151 - Met Smart - Hasn't signed and even if he does will probably only be a career minor leaguer.

Impact: Mild - With two first round picks and a comp pick I think the Cardinal could have gotten a little more out of the second of those picks. Also, akland has pretty much ignored the rest of their draft.

Salem Beavers

1-18 - Stu Ford - Definitely a nice pick, but definitely not a SS. Could be a standout 3B though and will have a very nice bat.

1-39 - Buster Gordon - Gordon seems to be a bit of a reach here because his control and splits aren't great.

2-56 - Bob Marshall - Very good value selection here. Would have thought the same thing if Salem chose Marshall with their comp pick. Should be a nice catcher if the Beavers can live with average PC.

2-66 - Martin Davis - Another great value selection as Davis definitely has the bat to not only make it to the bigs, but do well.

3-98 - Craig Stechschulte - Third great value selection in a row. Not sure how many innings they can get out of him due to that stamina\durability combo, but when he pitches he should be really solid.

4-130 - Stu Farnsworth - Great fourth round selection. Whenever you can get possibly ML contributors here you are having a good draft. Should hit some homeruns in the bigs one day.

5-162 - Juan Gomez - Career minor leaguer

Impact: Moderate\High - Salem had one of the best drafts in NCAA this season. If his second pick was a little better than this would be a full High Impact draft (although I can definitely be proved wrong)

Seattle Huskies

1-6 - Tracy Nen - Should be a great player eventually. Seattle already has some bad luck as Nen tore his groin muscle even with a great health rating.

1-35 - Benny Taveras - Will be interesting to see if Taveras can overcome that awful lefty split. It seems like with this high a pick, Seattle might have wanted to go in a different direction as this is a definite roll of the dice.

2-54 - Harry Moya - Solid choice here. Probably won't pitch a ton of innings, but when he is in there he should do a great job.

2-58 - Damian Matsuzaka - Didn't scout and hasn't signed.

3-86 - Jay West - Might have been able to get better value here. Suspect control and splits might hurt him too much to be anything but the 12\13th pitcher in the bigs if that.

4-118 - Tommie Stone - At best is a long reliever\mop up because of those splits. Probably a career minor leaguer.

5-150 - Rudy Callaway - Didn't Scout and hasn't signed

Impact: Mild\Moderate - Other than Nen with the first pick, this draft has questions. However Nen is good enough to be a perennial all star and thats enough to push the impact up.

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